hi peeps, end my September with my OOTD post at Petaling Street. Never really done a street shoot before but this experience was really fun and really thanks my baby to help me shoot all these pretty photos. It's been a long time since I visited Petaling Street. Petaling Street have a lots of memory of KL town. I love to been here with friends when I am still in secondary school. We always hang out here, eat the good food here as well. Petaling Street is a place that many foreigners like to go as well. The place is always crowded with a lots of people too.

Since I am not working on Saturday, I decide to plan 1 short food trip at Petaling Street. Although we didn't search and ate a lot of good food but the shooting was fun as well. I start to experience the awkwardness posing in front of many people you don't know, haha! Shooting in the street really need some courage to pose! The outfit I choose to wear is a Boyfriend shirt that I just bought recently. Is my first time trying this kind of outfit because recently being affect by Taiwan fashion, they love to wear comfy cloths such as boyfriend shirt, harlem pants, boyfriend jeans and even loafer. This look is really different than my usual style that are sweet and cute look. Time to to look cool and comfy with boyfriend shirt. Can't tell you guys how much I love my outfit in this shooting! 

I hope to try out more of those comfy clothes and when I just went out for the shooting I got a parcel from the Taiwan website. I meant to wear it for it for my shooting, but nevermind I can save it for my next shooting. Hope you guys enjoy the photos and really thanks for my wonderful darling. Since he is a photographer I always trust him for shooting me until so pretty!

Start with Do you want to smell my armpit pose, lol. Actually is like my neck pain pose lar xD

My elbow pain pose.

I have lots of holding the sunglasses pose. 

Petaling Streets has a lots of old building and old streets. Having a bit boyish style among the street of Petaling Street.

Love these 2 photos! A really spontaneous pose and baby just took because this valley many people keep passing by. 

Candid photo of me. 

Then baby saw this old staircase and the old building. 

As you see the stairs and the poster board, it was really really old building. You only saw those in the old drama or most probably hong kong drama.

Love the salon colorful light. This light is really vintage because nowadays you can't find it anywhere except old building and some Indian barber shop.

Another corner of those old salon. When we went up the stairs, this area is all those old buildings and shop. Many old folks spend their young time in this building, the shop is their only memory or heritage. Where they spend their time chit chat with their friends or playing mahjong. Oh ya, there have one small mahjong house there.

Mostly the photos is capture with picture style, I edit the photo according to my own feel and style. As you guys can see, different picture effect brings out different feeling of the photo.

Saw the old steam that old times they use steam dimsum or pau.

My second staircase took place on the stair to Coffee Amo. Just realized that mostly my picture was shoot in staircase,lol.

Love my chio look, haha.

This place when you walk up, you will have to pass by the old Art House at Petaling street. They have the old photo of Petaling Street and some musician playing the Chinese traditional instrument too.


If you have read my TokiChoi OOTD post you will notice that I have the same accessories for this shooting. Because I really love these matching accessories, very chic and vintage.

Love pockets a lot =D

Finally I bought a blue sunglasses. This chio Sunglasses I bought it from Taiwan websites. I really love this sunglasses because I have been wanted this kind of mirror sunglasses. 

The side of the sunglasses is with gold metal. Hence overall this sunglasses is a mixture of vintage and chio style. LOL Baby ask me why this round type again, and I totally agree of that and decided to look for big shape sunglasses~

Different from previous OOTD, this time I shoot it with my new small bag inspired by Philip Lim bag from Miucious. Bought it because is a vintage and cute small bag. My look I match it with a lots of black accessories to make my look more strong in style.

Add a little vintage ribbon bought from Zakka last few years ago. Surprisingly the ribbon suits this small vintage black bag. Love it!


Gonna end my post with my details of my #sharonootd. I didn't notice the pocket details when I bought, lol. But when I wear it and notice the shirt have these 2 pockets and I love this top even more. Don't you guys think that pockets is a really convenient.  Since this is boyfriend top, it looks big on me. I really have some difficult time to choose which bottom to match with this top. I choose 1 comfy white shorts to wear inside. This boyfriend shirt top can be wear as outer as well. This top definitely is worth to buy.

1 black and white feel of this pose.

#sharonootd details
Oversize Boyfriend top from Miira Mew
Dazzling gold necklace
Accessories details post from here
Black Studs boots from Toptownshop

Till Then.

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