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Hi Peeps, weekend is here soon. I am still busy as usual, recently mood was a bit bored and I don't know why. Work is still busy as usual and I have 1 more week to go till school holiday, YEAH! But that's not the start of my holiday, I have 1 month more to wait and to really enjoy my work. 2015 year will be more a hectic for us and babe told me that economy will be really worst since GST is going to start soon. Meaning I can't go for more online shopping already~~ 

Hey, but when life force us to the end of cliff, we still need to move and EAT too! haha!

Just finish a Korean Dessert Cafe at PV128, now is another new dining place at PV128. Hope that this place can continue grow and can have a lot new dining place to satisfied our taste bud.

M.A.D! stands for Modern Asian Diner.

Sorry again for the low light photo. The color of the interior is really nice and elegant. I love how they focus the only color they want for their shop. Mostly the cupboard is paint with Mint green paint. It just give us the freshness and brightness from their lighting and the color. I love mint color!!

Gan Jeong Kitchen.

Is a full house in the Sunday evening.

Mint mint color.

All the Chinese traditional cooking tools and stuff.

Cake that Asian love.

Upstairs crowds. sorry ah ma*

Many white frame of pictures on the wall.

Couple Selfie.

Our Matcha Soya RM 5.50 I love how the taste that are not too sweet but just alright.

Mushroom Cuppucinno RM9.50 Cooked with their signature flour mushroom based soup with a dash truffle oil.

Don't look down by it's size because was quite full filling.

Thai Beef Warm Salad RM14.50 They use marinated beef served on mixed bed of Thai salad.

The beef is really juicy and the Thai salad is appetizing! They used some chili padi in it as well.

Rendang Lamb Shank RM28.50 They braised the lamb shank in a skillet to perfection , served with roasted garlic mash potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables and garnished  with gremolata yogurt.

Surprisingly it was really tasty and recommend for all the rendang lover out there. Would love to try this dish again when I visit here again.

Double Boiled Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup RM8.50 A nourishing double boiled soup with medicinal quality that help cleanse an rejuvenates your body. A really healthy soup and the taste is really nice.

Three Mushroom Aglio Olio RM14.50 Wild Mushroom tossed with olive oil, garlic and dried chilis. Overall taste is not bad, a bit oily but I still love the taste.

Fettuccine Carbonara RM14.50

Nasi Goreng Istimewa RM15.50 Served with keropok, salted egg, sambal belachan & thigh of chicken rendang.

Another really nice rendang they serve! Haha. Overall the food was really satisfying just about the portion of some of their western food is not that enough(especially for guys). Maybe their main serving is on their Asian food because their Asian food serving is really better and looking delicious. They serve many varieties of food and because the popular demand some of their food not available during weekends. Environment wise is really a comfy place and a good place to hang out too. The design look clean and fresh mint color. Hope can try their food again =D Can always visit and dine here often. Till then.

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