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He Tai Shun have been open at PV128 for quite some time which I have not yet visit there until last weekend. So it was quite random and since I plan to go for a haircut before my trip. Yeah and so we decide to give this a try. Turns out it was a Chinese Seafood Restaurant which are mainly only Cooking Fish as their main dish. Sound interesting? Just follow till the end of my post.

Haru Tei @ PV128

Monday, August 03, 2015 in , , , , ,
A newly open Ramen Restaurant has open near my house area. We decided to head over there and try their ramen since we are both ramen lover. It was located behind PV128 row so you can't actually find it when you pass by front of PV128. If you happen to be that area, make sure you always go around PV128 and you will find many new opened restaurant there! 

Haru Tei - Taste Authenticity

Mr.Dakgalbi @ PV128

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in , , ,
Morning peeps, finally a short food post is up. Is a new Korean Restaurant open near my neighborhood. It has open for few months and I have been there for few times already. The korean dakgalbi they prepare is really delicious! After the first time I dine in there, I have already addicted with their dish. The spiciness of their Dakgalbi is really strong and appetizing. The spiciness that I like will be from Korean Food and Thailand food. 

M.A.D! @ PV128

Friday, November 14, 2014 in , ,
Hi Peeps, weekend is here soon. I am still busy as usual, recently mood was a bit bored and I don't know why. Work is still busy as usual and I have 1 more week to go till school holiday, YEAH! But that's not the start of my holiday, I have 1 month more to wait and to really enjoy my work. 2015 year will be more a hectic for us and babe told me that economy will be really worst since GST is going to start soon. Meaning I can't go for more online shopping already~~ 

Hey, but when life force us to the end of cliff, we still need to move and EAT too! haha!

Just finish a Korean Dessert Cafe at PV128, now is another new dining place at PV128. Hope that this place can continue grow and can have a lot new dining place to satisfied our taste bud.

M.A.D! stands for Modern Asian Diner.

Seoul Bing @ PV128

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 in , ,
Hi peeps, been a busy weekend last week. Mostly spend my time with my company training and hey I think I learn many things during this 2 days 1 night training. Hope I  can emphasis my learning through my work life, relationship and self growing in the future. I know changing is not happen in just 1 day but it need hard work and time.

Finally we have 1 Korean Dessert Cafe at my house area. We went to Seoul Bing once this dessert shop was opened. The place is really spacious with the see through glass wall surround. You can see it when you pass by PV128. Korean Dessert recently popular among the young people at Malaysians. Since we can't visit Korean that often, why don't we just try their dessert and imagine the Winter Sonata at Korean.

Wait this beep to light after we order at the cashier.