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Haru Tei @ PV128

A newly open Ramen Restaurant has open near my house area. We decided to head over there and try their ramen since we are both ramen lover. It was located behind PV128 row so you can't actually find it when you pass by front of PV128. If you happen to be that area, make sure you always go around PV128 and you will find many new opened restaurant there! 

Haru Tei - Taste Authenticity

Menu - Main dish was base on Ramen. 5 type of Ramen to be served in here.

Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce)
Shio Ramen (Salt Flavored)
Miso Ramen (Japanese Bean Paste)
Spicy Ramen (Spicy Miso)
Pesto Ramen ( Basil Infused)

Other than that they have, Appetizer, Donburi, Side Dish and Grill skewers too! Is on the behind of the menu.

Environment was really comfy, with classy wooden furniture and wall. They have a small second floor level too.

I love these Japanese Tanglung. Is just brings out the Japanese culture in this restaurant.

Japanese cups and Glasses for decoration.

Love the hanging light with rope and light bulb.

The Tapping Tapir Natural Sodas - Pineapple & Calamansi RM8.90

When I first saw this drink with pineapple flavor, I immediately feel an urge to drink it. Not many places with Pineapple juice and I just curious about the taste. Calamansi is call golden lime in Philipines. I guess it taste a bit sour and sweet taste.

The taste was super refreshing! A really fresh and breezy combination of rich and fruity pineapple with tangy calamansi flavors. A bit Sparkling taste but overall was really unique and fresh taste. Will it be too sweet? Nope at all, the fruity pineapple and calamansi tangy flavor just combines perfectly. A perfect drink in this hot weather!

Pesto Ramen RM16.90 (Beef)
Basil Infused Chicken Broth. 

Soup was cooked with chicken broth. The essence of the soup was full with Basil and Chicken flavor. My Darling order this and say that the soup was abit too salty if you continue to drink the soup. Noodles was really smooth and spongy, it is not dry or too thick. Instead you can just slurp the ramen in 1 slurp.

Beef was tender and fresh. But it would be better if they do it into slices but more in portion.

Miso Ramen RM12.90 Chicken
Japanese Bean Paste Chicken Broth

My soup was more to yellowish color that cook with Miso Paste. For me is still not too salty for me, I can accept. If you eat the ramen together with soup, its actually balance out the overall taste. My Miso taste better compare to Pesto Ramen.

Surprisingly Chicken was nice too! Grill in outer skin but the meat is still tender and yums.

I like their spoon as it looks like eye for me.

Lastly, we have our Shiitake Mushroom. We did try order their grill skewer but it never serve out for us. When we are paying the bill, only this Shiitake serve to our table. They say they are having some minor problem hence the order came out late. We didn't take it too serious and we wanted to just skip the order. So we got this Shiitake Mushroom for FOC!! 

The taste is super super yums! I was so surprise as their grilled skewer actually taste nicer than Ramen, lol! But I'm not sure about other skewer. But this Mushroom really blow my mind, super fresh and JUICY! The taste and juiciness just pop out in your mouth, and it the mushroom fragrance just remains in our mouth. YUMS!

If by chance to be here again, I hope to try more of their grill skewers and side dish haha!

Haru Tei

G-M 27, PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-41313008 (R), 016-7199773 (O)


  1. waa Im a ramen lover too Sharon >3< Im glad that there are many ramen restaurants near my house too XD
    Haru tei looks so comfy and quiet , and the miso ramen looks so yumm yumm yummy X9

    1. yeap! ramen is yummy <3 Thanks for love for this ramen restaurants!

  2. look like a big portion. Awww that pineapple and calamansi drink is something new to me too. Yummy ramen..slurrppp!

    1. Is really are quite big portion but I think price is a bit expensive though, haha!

  3. The miso ramen looks so good! I wonder if its better than the one in Isetan.

    1. I think taste can still be improve! Which one of it in Isetan?

  4. yummy food, haven't go there before. I like the big portion and your pics.

  5. Oh yums! Ramen! Too bad PV128 is a tad far from where I live :( though i am really intrigued by how would the pesto ramen broth tastes like!

    1. Maybe you can drop by to have a taste of it when you are free and you can even date me out too =)

  6. YUMMY! I think the price isn't that bad too. Now I'm tempted to eat Japanese T.T

    1. Lets go Sara! I love Japanese cuisine so much!

  7. the ramen looks good! i think the price is quite reasonable too! with the shots you took, i tink the place looks even nicer! :D

    1. Thanks nick! You should come and try one day =D

  8. i love ramen too...too bad these places are not in my vicinity but seriously would wanna go one day after seeing your delicious post.

  9. I started to acquire ramen not long ago and I love it.

    1. you should come and try at Haru Tei. Its really delicious right.

  10. I love miso ramen!! I want to try this and maybe the pesto ramen too wakakkaa

  11. A new place to explore and the price is reasonable.

  12. A really far place for me. Haha... If my friends back to KL, I guess it will be the time I go to PV128 again. Thanks for sharing...

  13. another new restaurant to explore at pv128, always go there to sing k only, no much to eat there!
    should go there more often!

  14. Ramen is my favorite and omg! they looks delicious and reasonable as well!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  15. Ramen fans! How can one person not love ramen?? its like one of the best food human ever had!

  16. Always a fan of ramen, hehe. surely gonna visit when i'm free

  17. The environment is as nice as the food! I love ramen!


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