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Time for a Korean BBQ Buffet on my blog again! I am a huge fan of Korean BBQ, and hopefully one day I am able to visit Korea and enjoy all the BBQ meal as much as I like! Since my dream to visit Korea is still a long way to go, I can easily enjoy really yummy and affordable price of Korea BBQ at Korean BBQ House which is currently located at Kota Damansara and PV128. 

If you are just nearby either one of their branch, be sure to drop by and enjoy a 1 hour and 30 minutes of the Korean BBQ buffet with only RM29.99!!

Time for some foodie update! It's been a busy and pack weekend I had for last week. Recently I just have thought of just throw everything aside despite only to have sleep, rest, and doing nothing whole day. But I'm still holding on until the end of December. So just wish me luck so that I can manage my task in my work and my blog too!

Today will share some yummy Korea BBQ Meal at Damansara Uptown. I always a fan of Korea BBQ, definitely need to fix my craving for it once a month. Being able to enjoy special fruit marinated beef BBQ and octopus in BBQ style was definitely a mouth watering journey I had here.
Hi peeps, after a few fashion and beauty post last few days is time for some yummy post! Today post will be about food! Korean cuisine is always my favorite. Every time we go out either I will choose Korean or Japanese Cuisine. I just don't know why because I am not a fan of western food especially if you go cafe for dining they will either provides only dessert or spaghetti. 

I always love spicy food choices will be Thai food or Korea Food. As for Japanese I would love to have Salmon or Ramen. But if the food varieties have a lot of choices is not wrong to try also. I started to miss cafe hopping too. Any Good and Nice cafe recommends around KL area? Its been quite some time since I visit PJ area too. Should arrange 1 weekend and visit PJ area for shopping and do some cafe hopping.

Mr.Dakgalbi @ PV128

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Morning peeps, finally a short food post is up. Is a new Korean Restaurant open near my neighborhood. It has open for few months and I have been there for few times already. The korean dakgalbi they prepare is really delicious! After the first time I dine in there, I have already addicted with their dish. The spiciness of their Dakgalbi is really strong and appetizing. The spiciness that I like will be from Korean Food and Thailand food.