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Hi peeps, been a busy weekend last week. Mostly spend my time with my company training and hey I think I learn many things during this 2 days 1 night training. Hope I  can emphasis my learning through my work life, relationship and self growing in the future. I know changing is not happen in just 1 day but it need hard work and time.

Finally we have 1 Korean Dessert Cafe at my house area. We went to Seoul Bing once this dessert shop was opened. The place is really spacious with the see through glass wall surround. You can see it when you pass by PV128. Korean Dessert recently popular among the young people at Malaysians. Since we can't visit Korean that often, why don't we just try their dessert and imagine the Winter Sonata at Korean.

Wait this beep to light after we order at the cashier.

The concept is bring out the winter snowflakes and winter atmosphere.

Winter is here but not at Malaysia. 

Since is a Korean Dessert is a must to have Kpop song too!

Cute Pastel Chair.

Menu on the digital board.

Seoul Bing.

They have a small 2nd floor but not open always since the 1st floor still empty.

Cute and fluffy bear.

Acai Bowl RM15

Saw this Acai Bowl is quite a special name for dessert hence we order this. It looks like mixed fruits set but the taste is really special unique.

They put Acai berries and some other berries

Can't say the taste is really nice. We try at first was not used to the Acai berry taste, haha! But when you start eating and the taste is really appetizing. If you are here at Seoul Bing and wish for a fresh taste of dessert, this Acai Bowl could be suitable for you. Sweet and sour taste of dessert!

Mango Cheese Bingsu (Snowflakes) RM16

Most of us prefer this dessert! Super nice and fresh mango. Although we felt that chocolate is not suitable for a mango taste, maybe perhaps Vanilla ice-cream?

The cheese was melted inside wan really yummy! Mango and cheese perfect combo for a dessert. 

Overall the dessert is not bad for me. Price is affordable and below RM20. Still can visit Seoul Bing Cafe(at the end of PV128) for more Korean dessert, yummy! They have toast and tea for some hot dessert and drinks too. Do visit their shop if you wish to taste more of Korean Dessert at Setapak. I am a really excited because PV128 finally open some new shop and can't wait to try new food in new restaurant. Wait my review guys~~~

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  1. Hi! Since im a kpop fan, i would like to try the korean dessert. But can i know, is the place food Halal? Because im a muslim. It would be nice if you reply my comment. Thank you 😊 . λΉ…λ±… νŒŒμ΄νŒ… !!