Hola peeeeoople!! Gonna update my recent #sharonootd post. Every of the shooting is really fun and memorable for me. I get to try different outfit and styles. The photos today is really pretty and I love it alot. Thanks to my baby boy who helps me take these photos. He told me that this shooting can be our very own hobby because I love to dress up and be pretty and he love to take photos. This hence become our monthly activities that we can do together.

Today outfit post can say is one of my favorite shooting, because I always hope that I can shoot my outfit post like other fashion blogger such as Chloe Ting. She always have her outfit shoot at outdoor and the color is really sharp and nice. Today the background will be only trees and wall.

Start my shooting in front of Miss Ellie Tea House.

Love this small road valley so much.

We saw all these wood pile and find the place really back to nature feel. We decide to sit on the wood pile and pose!

My Love word necklace from F block.

 I love my new ring because of the gemstone on it. I got ruby, sapphire and crystal.

Saw my earing, is a reindeer. I bought it at H&M the Christmas series earing, it got 4 different design.

My flower headband from H&M
Reindeer Earing from H&M
Ring from TaiwanMall(Daigou65)/ H&M
Watch from @my_fashionhouse95
Bracelet from Forever21/TaiwanMall(Daigou65)
Neon Clutch from F block

Love the headband accessorize my whole look. 

I change to a pu leather jeggings for a different style and look.

Saw another Stone Age wall.

Love this!

Close look of my look.

Back to the first shooting place again. Because I really love it and told my baby that should take some of my photo with my jeggings look at there too!

I think the top really easy to match with any bottom. The color really pop out and the sheerness of the top is really stand out.

Imma a happy girl now!

My Goldfish mouth pose.

Innocent look, LOL.

My accessories of the day.

My rose headband. I really love it because of the color is really bright and striking. Never thought of the headband looks so matchy with my top.

I got brown contact lens and brown hair.

Keep doing this pose non stop. This shooting is really fun I keep pose some funny pose and this is how I enjoy my shooting every time. The outcome is really nice and that's what motivate both of us to improve. I am really happy that I just met the Mr Right in my life.

Hope you guys enjoy my #sharonootd for the start of month November. Can't wait for the school holidays to start. Here's my details of my outfit.

Floral and forest Top from Zara(Paradigm Mall)
Pu Leather Skirt from Twenty3
Pu Leather Jeggings from Sunway Pyramid

Till Then.

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