Hi peeps, another week of November is here. How's ya weekend? Finally free from my busy schedule but I still have my student competition in the end of November. Feeling frustrated when thing doesn't end the way that suppose to be. But I tried to be patience with my student. At first, I was thinking to have immediate improvement but when I start to cool down, you knew that everything need time to change. Its not like MAGIC poof and everything will be back to normal again.

Back to my post here, thanks Raise.com project inspired me to write this winter essential post for winter.  Raise.com is a cool new online marketplace; they specialize in helping you buy discounted gift cards as well as sell your unwanted gift cards for cash! When I first got the email, I was a bit surprised because since living in Malaysia does not have Winter season. But Winter is always my favorite season and the season I wanted to enjoy. Let me show you guys how I make cooling winter in Malaysia.

My first Winter Essential will be Winter Knit Cardigan.

I love how the color Aztec on this cardigan. The color black and white contrast the Aztec pattern.

The only thick coat I have is this Aztec Knit Cardigan. I always love knit wear top, and I do have lots of knit wear jumper and coat.

Next will be stocking, thick stocking is good for keeping your leg warm from winter. If stocking is still not enough for you try wear jeggings or leggings after the stocking to warm up more.

I love my new hat, looking really elegant and vintage hat! Make my face looks slim.

Become a elegant and pretty look in the winter season.

Inside I was wearing a knit baby doll dress. It was a really cute white dress, a babydoll dress that wear for casual and relax date. I do wear lace safety pants inside and my stocking because this dress was still quite short for me.

Another details I love about this dress is behind, you can tie a really simple cute knot. The Aztec pattern of the cardigan is superb and I love how comfy the cardigan when I wear.

Wearing a ruby gems necklace to accessorize my whole look since my outfit was in black and white.

Another look for the Aztec Knit Cardigan was the leggings look. 

Boots! Is a must for winter wear. I still waiting for my black heels boots that I order not long ago to arrived my door step. I always fond of boots because I love their cool and rugged style when a person wear boots. But I also don't dare to own a lots of boots since we can't always wear it at Malaysia.

Leggings is another must for winter where it can warm up our leg and easy for us to style and move around. Is a really basic bottom for winter essential! You can even look for really cool pattern and color to jump out of black color for winter season.

Love every photo that my babe took. Not only looking elegant with the hat but it also suitable for a pants look.

Black and white for winter?

My #sharonootd details
Aztec Knit Cardigan from Romwe
White lace Stocking from Romwe
White Knit Baby doll dress from Tw Mall(Daigou65)
Coffee Boot from Tw Mall(Daigou65)
Black Leggings from Other

End my post with the photo I am trying to taking off this Aztec Knit Cardigan and straight wear on my shoulder look. You can always wear a thick knit top and try wear your winter coat straight on your shoulder to create some cool winter pose. I don't have any big winter coat since not really wear at Malaysia and didn't went to winter country before. But next year will be travel to Melbourne to enjoy winter there! 

Thanks Raise.com for their kind email to let me join their winter wardrobe essential project. I love their concept of buying giftcards online, they have really good and awesome giftcards. If you have no idea what to buy for your loves one for Christmas try to buy Giftcards at Raise.com. You wouldn't know when your loves one need those giftcards! If you have those unwanted giftcards you can sell it at Raise for $$!

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