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Yo peeps, its November already and we probably have less than 2 months time till Christmas is here and end our 2014! Being busy for November but still this week the post will all about food. Because will be really busy during weekend already. Sigh, but I got delayed some of the food post I dine last month. Will be update all about it this week.

Be prepare with full stomach if you are reading my food post. Today let's go Taiwan instead for some Taiwanese food, haha! But not now, instead you can try it at Taipei Taipei, Publika. Is still a new restaurant at Publika. I think Taipei Taipei really stand out among the shop because in Malaysia there are not much of Taiwan Restaurant as well. For me, I love Taiwan food, their 卤肉 minced pork rice and 鸡扒 chicken chop is really very special and delicious!

Start with my #sharonootd first xD

You will find a super cute and old truck in front of Taipei Taipei.

Interesting wall graphic.

The interior was really classic and vintage. I totally love it. The old Chinatown.

Sets for 2, 4 and 6 people.

Vintage yellow truck.

Any fans of Pork Rib Rice.

Love the greeny thing on the wall. 

Their seats are mostly sofa seats and it is very comfortable.

Vintage Tang-lung hang on ceiling and it is a lamp though.

We got 1 super big Chinese vintage mirror cupboard besides of me.

Must try their pork rib if you are here!

Their minced pork rice prepared by many small dish and not like other just serve with minced pork only. Their minced pork rice is really appetite and was really satisfying as well.

Both of us order the Honey Couple set RM49.90. Definitely worth the price because the portion is quite big and the dish they prepare is yummy too! Their pork rib is really delicious! Not too hard or dry, but crunchy and juicy rib.

Yummy Chicken Chop!

Do you notice how big was their chicken chop.

Famous Pork Rib Rice.

Double egg yolk with their minced pork rice.

Feel hungry when I saw their pork rib again.

Last but not least, their 古早味担担面 Dan Dan Noodle with Pork Rib. Surprisingly their noodle is really delicious, a bit spicy and appetizing! The noodle is really smooth and the sauce I love it alot. 

End my post with our couple selfie of the day. I know that when I started blog again, I always share my lovely photo with my boy and nowadays I less post our photo together. But that doesn't mean he is not important in my life. We are still lovely and funny as usual. We still see each other everyday. We still hold each other together. 

I can't find Taipei Taipei address online. But you can easily spot it because this restaurant is just beside Coffee Societe. I really love the food at Taipei Taipei because they serve really traditional food from Taipei. If you want to try delicious yet truly Taiwan food at Kl, be sure to drop by Taipei Taipei at Publika. Till Then.

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