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Recently I have gone to one really nice and pretty new cafe at Publika. Not only the cafe serves delicious serving but also it was a great place for a chill date out too. MANDALA  Cafe and Bar definitely a fusion place for you to not only dine in but also get to enjoy some of their house wine serving and cocktail too!

Let's just go through some of the must try and recommended dish at MANDALA Cafe and Bar, Publika. Since Publika had numerous cafes for you to hang out with friends. But I would definitely recommend MANDALA for a simple and nice dinner with friends and your loves one too. 

Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow friends and readers! It the time of the year to receive Ang pow from relatives and time of gathering with all the relatives at grandma house. I can't believe that it will be my last year receiving Ang pows. Can't be thinking too much on this as I will giving away my wedding card invitation to my relatives too.

Back to today post is about SUSHI ROLLS which I had myself enjoy very much at OKONOMI, it was one of my favorite sushi place to hang out whenever I visit Publika. Not only that they have sushi roll which highly recommends but their matcha here was really famous too. Sushi and Matcha is one of the must food whenever you are at OKONOMI.
What's your roll? Sushi Roll? Tissue Roll?

If this is the first time you have heard about this line, I do not blame you for that. Because today I will be blogging about OKONOMI Publika. What's make they so special? OKONOMI in Publika has opened for six months in the market. In this food industry which has many competitive, OKONOMI create their customized sushi roll and mouth watering Matcha desserts. 

My first time to OKONOMI thanks to Foodink for the invite. Actually one thing I really feel thankful about is Stella from Foodink keep email the food invite to me even though I never been to their review before. But this time, I can finally went to their invite at OKONOMI Publika. This will be my first time food experience with Foodink. I hope there will be more foodie experience with Foodink again.

Back to today post, as you guys know I been a Japan Cuisine fan and this time been able to try out OKONOMI New Menu is my pleasure and now is the time to share all this noms photo to all of you!

OKONOMI at Publika. It was located left side of Old Town and Opposite Urban Tower.

Fahrenheit 600 @ Publika

Saturday, February 07, 2015 in , ,
Finally a food post for the weekend, been to here when my visit to Publika. Fahrenheit 600 is a famous cafe at Publika. When we are here, it was actually quite crowded already but lucky us we still got a table for 3 and lunch.

Super vintage bicycle in the welcome door. Big wheel in front and tiny wheel behind. So cute!

1600 Pandas @ Publika

Wednesday, February 04, 2015 in , ,
Hi peeps, how you guys spend the 4 days of holidays? These 4 days I was so busy and not enough time for me to rest but I manage to go for massage yesterday and I can totally feel my body rest and relax after the massage. Because the night before I suffered headache and vomit, I can't really sleep well that night too.

Finally holidays end and it's time to work and BLOGGING! I know this Pandas already back to some one house but I still miss them because they are so cute! 

A briefly description about all these 1600 Pandas.

Taipei Taipei @ Publika

Monday, November 03, 2014 in , ,
Yo peeps, its November already and we probably have less than 2 months time till Christmas is here and end our 2014! Being busy for November but still this week the post will all about food. Because will be really busy during weekend already. Sigh, but I got delayed some of the food post I dine last month. Will be update all about it this week.

Be prepare with full stomach if you are reading my food post. Today let's go Taiwan instead for some Taiwanese food, haha! But not now, instead you can try it at Taipei Taipei, Publika. Is still a new restaurant at Publika. I think Taipei Taipei really stand out among the shop because in Malaysia there are not much of Taiwan Restaurant as well. For me, I love Taiwan food, their 卤肉 minced pork rice and 鸡扒 chicken chop is really very special and delicious!

Start with my #sharonootd first xD