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Hi peeps, how you guys spend the 4 days of holidays? These 4 days I was so busy and not enough time for me to rest but I manage to go for massage yesterday and I can totally feel my body rest and relax after the massage. Because the night before I suffered headache and vomit, I can't really sleep well that night too.

Finally holidays end and it's time to work and BLOGGING! I know this Pandas already back to some one house but I still miss them because they are so cute! 

A briefly description about all these 1600 Pandas.

Beside there have the 1600 Pandas exhibition inside Publika but there are some in the outdoor as well.

Photo with the Panda Cardboard.

They are so cute!

Beside taking photos with the Pandas, you can still print it out by SelfiPrint Malaysia.

Just follow the steps and Don't forget to #xoxmalaysia1600PandasMY.

It's free for print if you just follow their steps and you can keep the photos yourself too!

Although we don't have the 1600 Pandas with me but I am still a happy girl with the 3 pandas.

They have some Pandas merchandise as well.

Panda towel, soft toys, umbrella and other stuff.

The crowds was many, since the day I went is the last 2 days the Pandas will be here.

Crazily photo with all the Pandas. 

I believe that everyone agree on panda cuteness, haha. But let's not forget what is all these 1600 Pandas here for, it is to create awareness about endangered species. There are only 1600 Pandas left until 2004 and if we didn't take care and protect all these endangered species, these species will soon extinct.

French sculptor, Paulo Grangeon has made 7 Malaysia-themed pandas for the exhibition that is Beca, Wau, Badminton, Wayang Kulit, Congkak, Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) and Gasing. I just managed to took 2 of of them only, but I love how the Badminton look! Paulo Grangeon had specially made all these theme panda in Malaysia Exhibition. 

Don't forget, thanks my baby boy took this memorable photo of the BTS people who made all the event so succeessful! All these pandas was made by 6 layered of Recycle Paper and it was quite hard when you touch it. The color of the Panda will need to keep retouch once the color fades of. I really admire that there are always someone who took this first step to create this awareness to the public by all these cute Pandas. Although the journey of the Pandas end at Publika and it will return to each other home on 25th of January 2015. Hope the owner will take good care of each Panda and we will miss them!



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