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My first time reviewing and cooking a proper meal using all KANIKA frozen food. I’m totally amazed and excited to share with all my readers how I prepare all the frozen food from KANIKA. Please read on to know more.👍

Know more about the brand

 HSH Frozen Foods Sdn Bhd was established in 1991. In 1996, the “Kanika” brand is created and has become a leading brand in innovative food products.  KANIKA is a Malaysian Japanese frozen seafood, fish, and food supplier. With over 1000 types of frozen seafood they supplied to hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and chained premium retail. Each of the products is being pick, select and import from more than 20 countries to Malaysia. 

Being a Japanese Cuisine fan, able to enjoy sumptuous and authentic Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia is a really enjoyable and happy moment! Although I do not recognize all the name of the sashimi they serve, for me a fresh and thick slice of sashimi is like the heavenly taste already. That just shows how much I really love sashimi. The days of traveling and eating in Tokyo has been the days I miss the most.

I am really happy that I found out a Japanese Restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food, not only that the price is affordable but also the sashimi and the sushi they serve is way too yummy and fresh! 
Another short yummy food post before weekend is here! Anyone here a Japanese Curry Fan here? Last time I blog about the Best Japanese Curry Rice at 1 Utama now I have try another Japanese Curry Noodle that are located at Encorp Strand Mall. I bet I can never get enough of Japanese Curry nowadays. I started to miss it after I eat it too!

Beside serving in Japanese Curry noodle they do serve Japanese Curry Rice too! But they have what the best in the noodle hence in this post I will only write up their noodle set. Since now they are having Lunch PROMO from their selected dishes and you can get FREE Daily Salad + Hot/Cold Green Tea.

The main entrance.

What's your roll? Sushi Roll? Tissue Roll?

If this is the first time you have heard about this line, I do not blame you for that. Because today I will be blogging about OKONOMI Publika. What's make they so special? OKONOMI in Publika has opened for six months in the market. In this food industry which has many competitive, OKONOMI create their customized sushi roll and mouth watering Matcha desserts. 

My first time to OKONOMI thanks to Foodink for the invite. Actually one thing I really feel thankful about is Stella from Foodink keep email the food invite to me even though I never been to their review before. But this time, I can finally went to their invite at OKONOMI Publika. This will be my first time food experience with Foodink. I hope there will be more foodie experience with Foodink again.

Back to today post, as you guys know I been a Japan Cuisine fan and this time been able to try out OKONOMI New Menu is my pleasure and now is the time to share all this noms photo to all of you!

OKONOMI at Publika. It was located left side of Old Town and Opposite Urban Tower.

Foodie time! Today will blog about a really nice Xiu York (Pork) in Japanese style. It was my first time trying eat in this dining restaurant. Thanks Juneci for her introduce and we have a lovely lunch date together too. Since she and her bf are Japanese Cuisine lover too! We have some common interest in food now.

It was located at the Second floor of  Eat Paradise Isetan.

Finally a short food post here, I been blogging about beauty and events I attend and now back to my favorite section that is FOOD! I went to CoCo ICHIBANYA last month and finally have some spare time to blog about it.

CoCo ICHIBANYA have been started since 1978 in Nagoya, Japan. They have total of 1245 restaurant in Japan and other countries such as USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, which made CoCo ICHIBANYA reach the no 1 1350 branches worldwide and named as The House of Japanese Curry.  That derive from their uniqueness "The Tastiness you can choose". In February 2015, CoCo ICHIBANYA has opened their first restaurant in Malaysia.