Being a Japanese Cuisine fan, able to enjoy sumptuous and authentic Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia is a really enjoyable and happy moment! Although I do not recognize all the name of the sashimi they serve, for me a fresh and thick slice of sashimi is like the heavenly taste already. That just shows how much I really love sashimi. The days of traveling and eating in Tokyo has been the days I miss the most.

I am really happy that I found out a Japanese Restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food, not only that the price is affordable but also the sashimi and the sushi they serve is way too yummy and fresh! 

Kimi-ya is located at Avantas Residence along Old Klang Road. Avantas Residence is nearby to the road, therefore you might need to go slow and drive along left side so that you won't miss out the turning junction. 

Their interior design is in wooden table and dining chair which is a classy Japanese Restaurant design. A very cozy and dim ambient around the restaurant.

A cup of refreshing Yuza Drink, a welcome tea that only served at the dinner time. 

Ume Sashimi Moriawase (7 Types)
Highly Recommended

A big bowl of serving with Salmon, White Tuna, Yellowtail, Tuna Belly, Scallop, Octopus and Pink Shrimp.

My favorite serving of the day! I don't really mind having this all by myself because each of the sashimi slices is so fresh and thick. Basically, it just melted in my mouth. I don't normally mix with wasabi or sauce when I ate sashimi because I enjoy the freshness of the sashimi itself. It just so addicting! Each slice is top notch quality pick by the owner itself, I am really surprised with the quality they serve and the price for the dish are still affordable.

From Top Right: Botan Ebi Sushi | Nama Hotate Sushi 
From Middle Top: Joy Unagi Sushi | Salmon Belly Sushi 
From Bottom Left: Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi | Hamachi Sushi 

Another plate of sushi that is also worth to try! If you prefer to eat it with just sushi, you can have this instead. Each of the sushi is served as 1 serving, these are the signature sushi that you must order when you are at Ki-mi ya Restaurant.

Each of the sashimi slices is also graded and really fresh as well. The sushi rice is well made from Japanese rice.

 Salmon Kabuto Miso

This hot pot of Salmon Head and Assorted Vegetables with Soybean Paste Based Soup is so appetizing and delicious. Their miso soup tasted so good and also the soup base is different from other Japanese Restaurant I've been to! Super rich and savory miso soup, with the nutrients of the salmon head. Enjoy it while it hot too.

Kaisen Paitan Ramen

Can't deny that all their soup is so yummy and addicting. Even this Chicken White Soup Ramen with Assorted Seafood, I love that the soup is not too oily it was really clear but the taste is so rich and delicious. 

 Zaru Inaniwa Udon
Highly Recommended

Cold Thin Wheat Noodles Served with Dipping Sauce. I never eat cold noodles before whenever I dine in in Japanese Restaurant. Mainly because I don't like to eat food that is already cold. However, after my first try of cold noodles experience at Kimi-Ya, I have total perspective and thinking about cold noodle!

Cold Noodle sauce and toppers.

Do you know the correct way to enjoy Cold Noodle? Normally people will pour the sauce into the noodle and eat it that way.

But there's the wrong way to eat it!

With a small cup of sauce provided, you need to dip the noodle into the sauce and slurp it all the way! Sauce and Noodle combination is the important part to enjoy a really yummy and smooth cold noodle serving.

Besides the normal sauce dipping way of enjoying cold noodle, you can add the egg into the sauce, mix it and slurp it all the way as well.

The aftertaste of the noodle with the egg and sauce is so alluring! The noodles taste even smoother and chewy when it was still warm. But although it was left cold, the texture is still so smooth and yummy. The cold noodle tasting here at Kimi-Ya has definitely made me fall in love with eating the cold noodle!

Gyu Shogayaki Yaki Don

Trying out Don serving at Kimi-ya, rice topped with Stir Fried Marinated Beef


Another Don serves with Rice topped with Steamed Chicken and Egg.

Yaki Pirikara Edamame

My first try on boiled and baked Green Soybean with Chili Powder! The chili powder is from Japanese it gives some spice to the Edamame beans which are really addicting.

Houbo (Air Flown Fish)
Highly Recommended 

Unlike the other fish that have tender and soft flesh, this Houbo has really thick and sturdy flesh. Although the flesh texture is thick, the freshness of the fish while eating was really enjoyable. I love that this serving is fresh and delicious.

Taraba Gani
Special Promo

RM120 - Big | RM66 - Small

Another recommended dish that is this Taraba Gani, call as Snow Crab. The flesh of the snow crab is so fresh and can't believe that with just the leg part you can get a really lot of flesh!! Super satisfying while enjoying Snow Crab at Kimi-ya. This dish is seasonal promotion and you can enjoy during the month of October. 

Birthday Fruit Set
Birthday Promo

All the fruits are so fresh! Especially the melon that are base local surprising tastes sweet and fresh too. Not forgetting there's also ice cream desserts for those who love desserts too.

Overall experience was really enjoyable and happy! With the big serving of sashimi in house, I definitely enjoy myself to the max. Can't wait to visit this place again and try out more choices of the food at Kimi-ya.

For More Deets:

Kimi-ya Japanese Restaurant

G-2, Avantas Residences, 
162 Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6013- 239 3406
Business Hour: 
Mon- Thurs 12pm- 3pm | 6pm- 10.30pm 
Fri– Sun 11.30am- 3pm |  6pm- 11pm

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  1. Having just returned from Japan, I can tell you this place is right up there. At least looks wise. Surely taste can be far behind right?

  2. Wah! Dint know OKR got such a nice sashimi Japanese restaurants. The food look real good seriously. Must find a time to visit. Thanks for sharing

  3. I really really like sushi huhuhu craving for it

  4. kimiya! i've tried it, superb and nice.. yum

  5. I don't know why I always enjoy Japanese more than Korean. This being authentic is an added advantage for me. Can't wait till I am in KL next. Will fit Kimi Ya in!

    1. Both are my favorite! Can't really decide which is better XD

  6. The food looks so so mouthwatering, this place is really near me, I need to give it a try.

  7. Omg omg omg.... I waaaannttt this! I love sashimi! And that egg! You can also use that for beef. Cook the beef slice and then dip into raw egg and eat. It helps reduce the beef taste and also enhance the flavour of the meat and egg combination plus makes the beef smoother! But now I know can put that noodle also with that sauce! I must try this super soon! Omg so hungry now huhu

    1. Yes I know!! Can try it when you go Sukiya super yums =)

  8. The food looks good! I love Japanese food too. I shall try it when I'm in KL.

  9. I have tried their sushi before and love the taste. The sashimi is fresh and value for money.

  10. Such a long time I didnt eat japanese food already, must find one day go eat!