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After attending the in-control class organized by my company, I came to the realization that self-discipline is so important to become part of our life. I guess I’m too used to living the calm and comfortable life that I have and didn’t have any goals in my life 😂 But I think I’ll start with small by setting small goals like blogging at least once every week and need to sleep before 1am every day. I try to fold my blanket every morning but every time I keep on forgetting to do that too because I don’t usually do it. Fingers crossed for more self-discipline moments in my life.

A Monster is a force to be reckoned with and this Mighty Monster has invaded MyTown Shopping Centre, KL! But have no fear, this Mighty Monster does not bite in fact it wants you to have a bite of his one-of-a-kind creations and have a drink while you're at it.

This new cool kid on the block character cafe & bar brings an array of Melbourne inspired brunch with a twist! Armed with a cozy nook and a bar area to boot, the Mighty Monster's pork-free lair serves up a fusion of Asian and Western dishes that are unique and munch-worthy!

Feast on the signature fusion brunch inspired dishes created by Head Chef Andrew Karmajana from Indonesia that brought all his experiences from his working stint at Sydney, Australia, and Indonesia that fulfills your monster appetite for something out of the box.

Recently I have gone to one really nice and pretty new cafe at Publika. Not only the cafe serves delicious serving but also it was a great place for a chill date out too. MANDALA  Cafe and Bar definitely a fusion place for you to not only dine in but also get to enjoy some of their house wine serving and cocktail too!

Let's just go through some of the must try and recommended dish at MANDALA Cafe and Bar, Publika. Since Publika had numerous cafes for you to hang out with friends. But I would definitely recommend MANDALA for a simple and nice dinner with friends and your loves one too. 

Today will blog about a back to childhood cafe at Mid Valley. When we are a kid we always wanted to grow up faster, but when we are now growing up and we always miss childhood memories. When I visit Reminisce, it definitely brings back a lot of my childhood memories, the games we use to play and the time we no need to worry about the life of adults. Definitely, missing school time and the games we always play with friends in school too. 

Reminisce recently just renovate their cafe. The whole interior of the cafe is very cozy and chilling too. It's time to go back to our Childhood Memory through Reminisce Cafe.