Today will blog about a back to childhood cafe at Mid Valley. When we are a kid we always wanted to grow up faster, but when we are now growing up and we always miss childhood memories. When I visit Reminisce, it definitely brings back a lot of my childhood memories, the games we use to play and the time we no need to worry about the life of adults. Definitely, missing school time and the games we always play with friends in school too. 

Reminisce recently just renovate their cafe. The whole interior of the cafe is very cozy and chilling too. It's time to go back to our Childhood Memory through Reminisce Cafe.

Love all the empty coke bottle hanging on the ceiling.

Interior and seats.

旧相好 Reminisce

白雪皑皑 RM 9.90
Icey soursop blended with popping jelly. 

Sour and Sweet combination of a drink!

魔鬼鴛鴦 Hot RM 5.90 | Cold RM 6.50
Our special “Ying Yong”. 

I was totally into this drink. Normally I can't take too much caffeine but this drink just tastes it the right caffeine for me. Apparently, this Ying Tong is many favorite drinks too.

七龍珠與功夫熊貓  RM 8.90
Soya black “cincau” drink with homemade soya jelly.

Another drink that are worth to order! The soya jellies are handmade and were pretty filling too when you eat up all the soya jellies.

黃金右腳 RM 19.90
Signature-pan fried chicken chop with pumpkin gravy.

Love how crispy the outer of the chicken chop! Gold crispy outer is the attraction of this dish. You can see that the portion is really big too, feeling so full when I see this serving. 

Not forget that this chicken chop comes with pumpkin gravy too! It was my first time pairing Chicken chop and Pumpkin Gravy, the gravy is not too strong but gives a buttery cream pumpkin sauce. 

一罐午餐肉  RM 13.70
Deep Fried Porky Luncheon Meaty.

Highly recommend to all who love luncheon meat! Even you are not much a luncheon lover but this snack is really addicting because you can't stop eating this when you started. This serving is not oily at all but it just so crispy to eat.

奶油豬仔飯 RM 17.90
Butter pork belly served with steamed rice.

Butter + Pork Belly is such a guilty and heavy meal to eat! Love the pork belly which is really chewy. Love their generous serving of the pork belly too.

我們的辣辣椰漿飯 RM 22.90
Our “nasi lemak” with curry chicken, sambal squid & chicken satay.

Who is a nasi lemak lover here!! Look at their generous serving of the curry chicken and the whole plate of a dish. Their curry chicken is cooked to perfection with santan fragrance and was not too oily too. Whereas the sambal squid is so delicious, the squid was huge and chewy! I started to miss this huge serving of Nasi Lemak from Reminisce.

Chicken satay with condiments.
½ dozen RM 13.90 | 1 dozen RM 23.90 |  2 dozen RM 43.90

Chicken Satay that is grill to perfection! Is not the normal satay you get to eat beside the roadside, but it gives the sweet and fresh aroma taste of the chicken meat! Remember to dip into the satay sauce when you enjoy this bucket of Satays.

咖哩雞叻沙 RM 14.90
Our curry “laksa” with chicken. Choice of koay teow, mee hoon, or yellow mee

I was so in love with this curry laksa koay teow!! Definitely will order this again when I visit Reminisce again. The curry was so smooth and taste super good. Not forget the dish inside the curry laksa is so satisfying, with curry chicken, vegetables, fried bean curd serving together with the kuey teow.

芝士脆炸雞扒  RM 21.10
Cheesy crispy chicken chop with fries & condiments. Choice of sauce: black pepper or white mushroom sauce.

Another yummy serving chicken chop we have tried! This is more to crispy texture and the previous is more grilled serving. Is best to eat when the serving is still hot too. Crispy from the outer and juicy chicken when you eat it.

芋頭甜薯年糕夾  RM 5.90
Crispy “nian gao” with yam & sweet potato.

I miss this when I am an adult! It was really hard to find crispy nian gao in KL nowadays. But fret not you can try it now at Reminisce. The nian gao is extremely crispy when you eat it, but the filling is so soft and just melted in your mouth!! The feeling is so satisfying when you eat this. Highly Recommended ya!!

Definitely, a journey back to childhood memory when dining at Reminisce.

Although Reminisce might be not stand out among all the cafes at Mid Valley, but the memory and the food you eat at Reminisce are definitely worth the visit! Definitely will visit here again as I already miss all of the food already. Please feel free to visit Reminisce to time travel back to childhood.

For more details

Reminisce 舊相好
Lot GE-019 Ground External Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, 
03-2201 8168
Opening Hours
10:00AM - 11:00PM


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  1. i think the price is very reasonable. love their presentation and whole deco as well!

    1. Compare to the food portion it was really worth it!!

  2. Wow, their cafe name really match with their food! It brings back a lot of childhood memories, next time gonna try out this cafe!

  3. all the dishes serving here look big and appealing. I want to try their grill satay! Never try any grill satay before. Just that the price could be a bit to expensive though. One more place to go whenever I am in mid valley!

    1. Yes it was =D I feel that it match with the food portion when they serve!!

  4. Such a cute cafe! Will try to check it out when I am in MidValley

  5. wow lovely decorations and the place! Will head to Mid Valley for it

  6. i just came back from mid valley... did not find this.....

    1. It doesn't appeal instead you need to patiently search this cafe out! Never fail me when I dine in =D

  7. wow. nice environment, its really reminisce of childhood memory.... and the foods look yummy.

  8. This is really old school. I like how the Coke bottles are used as decor.

  9. the portions looks huge!!! though i can't eat here.i would want one Icey soursop blended with popping jelly, please....

  10. i dine in here before ! The stuff sold there really recall my childhood memories !

  11. I always passed by this place but haven't visit yet. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. You should try this babe! It was a really nice and cozy cafe =D

  12. Omg! their food is so tempting. I am eye at their Signature-pan fried chicken chop with pumpkin gravy.

  13. This place looks lovely. They definitely renovated it well. Shall visit this lovely place soon. The food looks great too

  14. love the interior of this cafe and i also love how they recycle the coke bottles and made it into a decoration.

  15. I love the interior its so chic and homey, and their foods looks yummy! Merry Christmas Sharon!!!

  16. Food looks so nice, especially the luncheon meat and butter pork belly. Cant wait to try it myself.