Hi my fellow readers, today will be blogging about some awesome event going on. Have you guys heard of circus before or maybe even went to a circus before? What is Circus meant to you, if you watch cartoons or old movies. You will notice that circus is just a performance by many entertainer and animal of cause!

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But these days mostly circus have focus more on the 5 main man power in a circus performance such as, Acrobatic, Aerialist, Clown, Utility man and Musician. In Malaysian, all this circus performance is really minimalist and not really get support by the government. Hence, the artist performer work hard and work with each other from other country to success their performance and continue to teach and educate many talented dancer and performer in Malaysia.

Viva Circus Festival established in 2011 as Collision Arts Asia and was rebranded as ‘Viva Circus Festival’ in 2012. Each year the festival gravitates it’s focus around a key theme, and for 2014 its key theme is ‘ART IS POWER.

Over the last three years the Viva Circus Festival has been the forerunner in introducing fusion and audacious new styles of performance and social outreach with at-risk communities.  The festival includes championships, showcases and workshops.

Viva Circus Festival 2014, with internationally renowned activist and artist Jerry Snell as Artistic Director, has launched with the festival theme of ‘ART IS POWER’ comprising seven days of distinctive arts celebration which includes social circus workshops seeking to expand the opportunities of and teach valuable skills to marginalised youth, and public workshops seeking to raise funds for longer term social outreach programmes after the festivities.

This year’s Viva Circus Festival ‘ART IS POWER’ features a feast of acrobatics, dance, music, new circus, physical theatre, visual art and debate from a wide range of national and international companies and artists. 

Viva Circus Festival 2014 wanted to do a outreach program by raising funds. They will choose few children from orphanage to join their workshop as well. These children will attend the workshop in the morning. And on the 28th of November, they will choose the talented children among them.They will give them opportunities to shine and perform on stage. But that's not it, they will continue to sponsor and teach the children to be a successful person in life. The fund raising money will be use to let instructor from other country to teach all these talented children to give them hope and opportunities to shine in their future.

There are total 25 performances, 18 workshops – some of which workshops are for marginalized youth from Everyone Has Hope, Fugee School KL, Yayasan Chow Kit and will take place across the week in Publika, MAP and Viva Vertical Stage KL. All performances in Publika outdoor square are free for the public to enjoy.  Public workshops held in White Box and Black Box MAP are subject to donations or minimum fees to assist with raising funds for the Viva Circus Festival social outreach programme.

Here are some of the workshop available start from 24th November to 30th of November.

Some of these workshop was teach by famous instructor from other country too! Such as Taiwan and Australia. Is an honor to have instructor from other country to teach public. But first make sure you go and register to secures your spot! Please mind that Workshops have no set fee but is recommend a minimum donation of RM20. Your donation will go towards The Viva Circus Social Outreach Project to empower at-risk youths in KL with performing arts programs.

Besides you can register for their workshop here, Viva Circus festival are seeking individuals entries from circus artists, dancers ,musicians and multi-media artists (individuals or groups) who are seeking exposure and networking opportunities in Asia too! I really admire and proud of all these performer artist in Malaysia. When you talk to them, you can feel their passion and love with their performing talents. They are brave and strong enough to take up the challenge. They have been live their life to the fullest!

Malaysian street performer is a tough way to go because not many people in Malaysia can accept street performance. But if you are at other Europe country, these performer requires a higher education and recognition by their country. Hence, many of the street performer at Europe country is a professional job. Such as Cirque Du Soleil is a based company recognized all over the world for high-quality, artistic entertainment.

On the 29th of November they will have a grand performance by all the artist performer start from 8:30pm. Everyone are welcomed to watch their performance because you can come and feel and enjoy in this AWESOME circus festival at Publika by Viva Circus Festival.

Viva Circus Festival 2014 - Art is Power
Venue: Publika Black Box, White Box & Out Stage
Date: 24 November 2014 - 30 November 2014

Viva Circus Festival

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