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Hi peeps, a super delayed post and videos too!! I went to Viva Circus Festival on the 29th of November. Although that night was a raining and I was late too! Because like normal Saturday night, raining and was rather jam at that time. Just when I reach, they have already started the performance. As I am late and hungry, can't manage to take videos with all these awesome performance they bring to the audience.

Many audience were they to support and see the performance. Everyone is amaze with all the performer skills and performance. It was indeed a wonderful show full of surprises and love. The performance was for 2 hours and all of the performance practices use a lot of time just wanted show the best of them. Give them your applause and support Viva Circus Festival!!

Hi peeps, it was my first day of holiday. I am really excited about this holiday because I have more time blogging and online. I can start to plan my holiday trip and I need to survey around a new camera for myself. Any recommended since I am still looking and asking too. Hope I can enjoy my 3 weeks holidays and spend more times with my loves one!

I wanna share to you guys about the workshop I attend last week during the Viva Circus Festival. I attend 2 of the workshop organise by them. The Broadway Jazz Dance and the Poledance fitness. The workshop was at the Blackbox and Whitebox of Publika. I went there straight after work and had a light dinner before I start.

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Hi my fellow readers, today will be blogging about some awesome event going on. Have you guys heard of circus before or maybe even went to a circus before? What is Circus meant to you, if you watch cartoons or old movies. You will notice that circus is just a performance by many entertainer and animal of cause!

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