Hi peeps, a super delayed post and videos too!! I went to Viva Circus Festival on the 29th of November. Although that night was a raining and I was late too! Because like normal Saturday night, raining and was rather jam at that time. Just when I reach, they have already started the performance. As I am late and hungry, can't manage to take videos with all these awesome performance they bring to the audience.

Many audience were they to support and see the performance. Everyone is amaze with all the performer skills and performance. It was indeed a wonderful show full of surprises and love. The performance was for 2 hours and all of the performance practices use a lot of time just wanted show the best of them. Give them your applause and support Viva Circus Festival!!

I separate videos to 3 parts, and its not the full performance on that day since I am late and hungry afterwards. But I still manage to record some of the performance. It was cold and rainy that time. But still the crowds are many!

Aerialist performance! Amazing balancing and performance.

Second part was the human size hulahoop. First time saw this kind of Hula Hoop without hitting him and he was within the hula hoop! Please watch this video because I bet many people was amazed by his performance.

Third Video was slightly longer because the last show I record. They continue the performance after this show but I went off for dinner already. The best part is always the last okay! So make sure you guys watched it finish ya. The hanging and balancing part somehow scare me because I was afraid of height. But all these dancer was brave enough to be up there to just show us their awesome performance! Just can't imagine how dangerous was that!!

Some of the shots I took when I am recording!

My favorite performance of the night!!! I love them and admire them too. These are all amazing performer who sacrificed their time for all these practice to make sure they can show and do the best on this day! They want to touch other peoples life by sharing their passion and love in what they are best of. The objective of these event is to do an outreach program by raising funds for all the talented children(orphanage) to able to learn from the wonderful instructor from overseas. To gives them the opportunities to shine and hear the applause out there.

I really happy and excited because was able to join this whole week of this wonderful and meaningful event! I learn a lot and understand more about the performance and the professional they have. I am proud of them because they using their own ability to show the world to show people out there their passion. Till Then.

Viva Circus Festival 2014 - Art is Power
Venue: Publika Black Box, White Box & Out Stage
Date: 24 November 2014 - 30 November 2014

Viva Circus Festival


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  1. hey! i think that human hula hoop is the most amazing one!
    i watched once before in youtube, just surprised how he can withstand with the spinning and the dizziness!

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