Hi peeps, a short outfit post of the month. I hope the photos didn't scare you off since this what I am wearing during normal weekend. Not really specify in any make up or wearing contact lens. Is just me, the original of the part of myself. I am not a very pretty or thin girl, just have the love for fashion and cloths! This month is surely a busy month for me. Many happy and unhappy things happened, but life still go on. Here are some of the outfit I wore last few weeks.


Simplicity is the best! White shirt and blue jeans is always the best match together.

Sometimes I just hate wearing white shirt because mostly white top is easy to see through and always have to be careful what you wear inside the shirt. Either you have to wear a white singlet/tube inside, or nude/white bra.

I love my new jeans, wasn't my leg look so slim!! I just love how it make my leg slim and long. First time wearing tight jeans and surprisingly this jeans is really comfy and stretchable!

New coffee boots as well match with whole white + jeans look.

White top from Padini
Blue Tight Jeans from Twmall(Daigou65)
Coffee brown Ankle Boots from Twmall(Daigou65)


Red Tartan dress perfect for this festive season!

I got it for a year already I think, haha! But you know red is always ready to wear during all these festive season and it never go out dated.

Since I was on stage I wear it with my thick black legging and the bootys. I know you guys will see how crazy I am because I am a boots lover! This is the only black boots of mine that I find it so matchy with any outfits.

Its time to just rock the Christmas outfit!

Red Tartan Dress from Nineteen89boutique
Black leggings
Black Studs Boot from Toptownshop

Look 3

Black and white outfit never goes wrong together. Wearing my favorite mustache top and the stripes tight skirt I got it from Foruchizu.

Don't afraid to mixed up the patterns together since the color is monochrome. That's how you actually makes a monochrome outfit looks great and fun! I got this new silver loafer shoes too. Gold and silver shiny color is another my favorite too. 

Mustache Top from Padini
Stripes Skirt from Foruchizu
Silver loafer from Twmall(daigou65)

Till Then.



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