Finally have some time to post my January outfit before January Ends. My first outfit post of the year and January have total 5 weeks of weekend but I just shared out 3 outfits that I wore during Sunday. Hope you guys enjoy my post. I will have 1 more outfit post before February come!

I love all the outfit I wear and it just start with a basic outfit, such ah Basic Color Shirt, Skirt or even Dress. I start to love mix and match simple basic cloths to a everyday cloths. It was really simple by adding some bright and chunky accessories, shoes or even bag!

My 3 January Outfits.

I start with the basic color of Black x White look.

I bet everyone know that Black and White are perfect and easy match for any cloths. But I have this love for Polka Dots. It was a cute pattern and contrast between black and white color.

My new bag and my favorite one! It was quite big and I can even put my camera, long purse, note 3 and other stuff too. I got the purple fluffy mirror from Bangkok and a bit regret because I should buy more of it!

White Sheer Top from Shop360Degree
Modiri Skirt from Twenty3
Bag and Gold Heels from N.i.n.e.t.y_S.I.X (instagram)

Next is the Red x Grey Look.

Red basic Crop Top and Knit Grey Skirt.

Warm look with my red Checkers scarf bought it from H&M.

My new oxford shoes with socks. I just love the socks look and it add cuteness in the whole look.

Red Crop Top From Bangkok
Grey Knit Skirt from Singxfashion ( Facebook)
Red Checker Scarf from H&M
Houndstooth Oxford shoes from Twmall(Daigou65)
Bag from N.i.n.e.t.y_S.I.X (instagram)

The last will be Grey x Grey look

There is one thing I learn about how to be fashionable by wearing same color cloths is by wearing the color gradient or different material of cloths made by.

Top is with comfy cotton material.

Pants is a thicker material and with checkers pattern.

The color range from my head is the lightest grey beret hat until my leg the black boots. I just got myself a gradient grey outfit of the day.

Light Grey Beret from Twmall (Daigou65)
Grey Top from Bangkok
Grey Checkers Pants from Twmall (Daigou65)
Black Boots from Singxfashion (Facebook)
Red Checker Scarf from H&M
Bag from N.i.n.e.t.y_S.I.X (instagram)

Lastly I am thinking how should I wear my Beret, is it look better on my right or left side of my hair? Haha, but I just let you guys decide because I think is everyone has their preferable side. Hope you guys enjoy the outfit!

Till Then.


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  1. i love your first outfit!! it's totally adorable, classy, and feminine! I love it!