Hi guys, my first outfit post of the year. It was a really short post because I was really busy and have no time for rest and blogging. I have delayed many post that I have to find some time to really rest and figure how to write the post. I wish I can have more time for my blog. 

The most easier and fastest post mostly will be fashion and food post. Editing photo of cause have to use up some of the time but I try to do it when I got the time. Hope I can quickly post up my post. 

Recently there was a deep bored feeling in my heart, is just feel like a heavy stone inside my heart. I can feel it everyday. I just don't know, maybe I just don't want to face the truth of working, the truth of facing reality again? I pray for a better way for me to face the problem I have. Hope everything will be fine when the day start.

Today outfit will more to pastel color. I think I tried the combination before. Each time the pastel color combination never fail me. I still love the soft color combination.

This Little Pony sweat shirt was definitely my recent love because the material was just alright for the weather at Malaysia. The material is not too thick but when you wear it in a aircond room it was actually quite warm! Because of the cute cartoon, when I wear out the little children will easy recognize the cartoon, haha.

Inside was a white long sleeveless shirt, I have not been wearing it for quite long. Since I started scroll for the fashion tips at the Pretty Daily apps for more Taiwan fashion tips, I got many fashion tip of wearing same shirt but different style of wearing it. I really love their fashion tips.

Did I ever mention I am a stocking lover, but too bad I have not always been wearing them. This design is simply yet artistic! I just simply love this stocking. During winter time, stocking is really convenient because you can keep your leg warm and the pattern can be really fashionable too! 

Pastel purple sling bag.

Tried another look with the Beanie. 

Love how the beanie brings out the playful, cute and energetic look.

Purple is my favorite too!

Handmade bracelet.

Wearing this outfit make me look so slim and tall. Because the outfit was quite loose and look big on me. 

Credits to my baby boy. 

Thanks my Dear Pamela help me shoot some of the outdoor feel of the look. I change my bag and shoes because wanted to be myself while shopping. I love the feel of casual but comfy and sweet look of the outfit. Hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Long White Cute Cartoon Shirt from A Loft of Things
The Little Pony Sweatshirt from Cotton On
Word Art Stocking 
Sling Bag 
Handmade Bracelet from Taobao
Necklace from Onesto
Pastel Purple Boots from Toptown shop

Till Then.



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  1. Lovely photos. I love pastels - so cheery! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  2. cute!! are those tattoos or the stocking design? LOL. i can't tell. either way, i love it! :D


    1. stocking design ya~ thanks for your comment <3 <3

  3. we have same bag but then mine is pink colour <3

  4. What a coincidence! haha But mine was bought quite long time le~