Hi my all, I will gonna write my blog review about this Mirabella Skincare Set. I been a bit moody and feeling worry about my blog because I have no idea why my blog being locked so sudden during the next day I got my new laptop. But I try to be optimistic and hope Google can review nicely my blog and faster unlock back!!

Thanks Hishop again sponsor this product for me. I always excited about receiving product from them. Because Hishop is a successful online blog shop selling many beauty and wellness product as well. This time I will be reviewing about this skincare set from Mirabella. 

What do you girls think about skin care set? It is convenient to use? For me if you are a a girl who loves travel or often have to stay between hostel and home. Sometimes packing need use up alot of energy and time. As for all the girls, we have to really take good care of our skin that is why we always have to bring our own Skin Care Product everywhere we went. A Skin Care Set is really perfect for travel and even moving around because it was small, well prepared and so convenient!

The front design of the box.

When I open the box, it just melt my heart because the design is super super cute and girlish!

The design of all these 3 Skincare Set was in a small cupboard in white and pink wall. Super princess and romantic feel. The Mirabella Skin Care Set comes in Cleanser, UV Cream and Beauty Cream. 

Let's start from their tallest product among the skin care set - Mirabella Cleanser 60ml.

Mirebella Cleanser not only refresh and cleanses face, it also able to get rid of clogged pores and removed excess make up, as these oily substances cannot be removed through washing alone.

The design of the bottle was really cute, round bottle in white. Simple yet cute bottle of cleanser.

Lid was to turn open, the cleanser was easy to squeeze out.

The texture of the cleanser is smooth and light and half translucent in pink color. When I first open the cleanser lid, I can smell the fruity scent of the cleanser and I really like it. Basically I love everything that smell fruity and sweet scent.

Dispense the desired amount you want, lather with water and massage to every part of your face. Rinse well with water after that. The texture is very light and does not cause any allergic reaction on my skin.

The next product will me Mirabella UV Cream 5gm.

Super super cute and small bottle. 

It has a safe lid prevent from dust when in.

Color was a bit yellowish and skin color.

Mirabella UV Cream protects skin from UV light, prevents and treats dry skin, improves skin tone and texture. The texture is a bit creamy and hence it is to not apply too much on your face to have a natural fair healthy skin look.

Top: Before Apply
Bottom: After Apply

My hand becomes fairer. Apply cream evenly onto the face and neck every morning and day time.

The Last product will be Mirabella Beauty Cream 5gm.

I love how secure their lid and it makes me feel more safe to use and I can always use and apply.

Texture was soft and moisture.

Mirabella Beauty Cream helps whiten and lighten skin color. Is a skin tone corrector, for uneven skin tone and reduces age-related dark spots, skin pigmentation and freckles. Also it was able to firms up moisturizes skin. I love it textures so soft and mositure. I can feel my skin more fairer and firmer!

Apply cream evenly onto your face and neck every evening.

That's all for the Mirabella Skincare Set. You can got it from Hishop in RM90.

Don't wait and hurry to go and own this cute and pretty Mirabella Skincare set at Hishop.

Thanks to Hishop once again. Hope more product review to come. Till Then

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