Hi peeps, I will gonna blog about my coordinate during Nuffnang 8irthday. I have a short shooting of my Outfit at Zouk. Since I have not enough time to go Rent a Dress KL, I decided to go for dark color dress that are available in my closet. The theme for the event is 1960's. Apparently I didn't quite follow the theme, but try to wear the blink necklace and stocking for a vintage look.

I always love darker outfits compare to bright color outfit. I just prefer to stay low and this is the only dark color dress to wear for an event. Since I just cut my hair, I didn't style much with my hair too.

Sexy Blue Sheer Dress from H&M
Bling Stocking from Poet(facebook)
Black heels from Singapore

Like a Boss. I love the seating shots! The camera angle is very important because it can make our legs looks slimmer and longer.

End my post with my selfie. This dress is really sexy in a way that they have the black sheer design from the top to the bra area. I love the blue color of the dress because blue color can makes your skin look fairer. Is the only blue dress I have too! My red lipstick is the highlight of the look too, that I got it free from Cleo workshop last month. Thanks for my friend for compliment my lipstick color! I wanted to try darker lips color next, haha!

For those who haven't read my post about Nuffnang 8th Birthday post here.



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  1. Great post!
    you look so cute and pretty! your new hair look great, dont worry ^^!

    Tom and Tins Blog