Hi peeps, today is White Valentine day. How are you guys spending your weekends? There are still many personal problems that I still not yet settle. Is just getting harder and difficult to handle.

But I hope it doesn't affect my blogging time. I just feel helpless and not sure how should I help in this matter. I hope I can stay strong and continue to stay by his side.

Back to my outfit post, what I wear few weeks ago. Is been a long time since I wear nice cloths and take my OOTD shot. Nevertheless I took all these photos on my own, with timer of cause. Did I tell you guys that I have many cloths that are with checkers, this time I bought a new Green and Red checkers outer. I didn't wear it after I bought it, because I am still figure how should I match it with.

This green and wine red color is the color trend of the winter 2014. Now I can have 2 color together in this outer jacket.

I am matching with a wine red sleeveless top, since I am scare of cold so is just nice to wear it with the outer jacket and jeans.

Behind the outer coat there is still writing and design with hoodie.

Inside top sleeveless and lace on the bottom.

End my post with my selfie without the outer jacket.

I love you so much, my love. Please come back to us.

Green and Red Checkers Outer from Nin3tysix
Wine Red Sleeveless top
Slim Jeans from Tw.mall (Daigou65)
Gold Point Heels from Nin3tysix


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  1. i didn't expect all that writing on the back. what does it say? I love the jacket. and i love your shoes. I hope everything will settle in smoothly so you can relax a bit more :) xoxox