It's been a while since I use Polyvore to do some fashion collage that I really like. Although each set of collection really takes time to complete it, but all the design is definitely match it with my favorite accessories, make up, shoes and bags!

Although the item at Polyvore some will be repeating because of the new arrivals of the certain websites. But you can add your own item in it and match it with the outfit you want! Since I have wanted to write a post about Chicwish Skirt, I decided to do some fashion collage instead of just sharing the skirt I really like at their websites.

I will be share my own style and at the mean time sharing others style too!


Polyvore item usually are from other country, so mostly of the item you can't get it in Malaysia. But you can always click on the item link and they will lead to the polyvore websites, they will show you more details of the item and where you can get the item.

The first skirt I share is my most favorite skirt at Chicwish! Sometimes is not that I don't want to choose a simple and easy match skirt to wear. Is just I always wanted to be different and stand out among others, lolol. This skirt will be perfect for me since it has my favorite color, purple and Lavender flower field on it! This skirt just made me the skirt that I might be dying for, haha.

Everytime I pair my outfit, I tend to choose the color near to the outfit I wear. I am not a really bold or contra color lover, I love to play it safe and coordinate. Everything I choose in this outfit is probably the color that I love, all in pastel color!! I choose the only white color, that is the heels for this pastel outfit.

See how pretty fashion blogger from MellowMayo put on this skirt!!

Chicwish Skirt 2

The second skirt I choose is the Tulle Skirt! Recently wanted to get a new tulle skirt for myself, but I am still choosing which color should I go for. Should I go for black or grey? Then I saw this skirt that looks like mix color of gold, silver and black. That makes this tulle stands out!! I can tell you that Tulle Skirt at Chicwish is really fluffy and flowy. You can search their tulle skirt and many give good comment about their purchase of tulle skirt from Chicwish.

In this outfit  I choose the furry vest that I always hope that one day I can own it. But you know the weather in Malaysia is definitely not suitable for this type of furry material outer. Other that the vest I like, I also love the boots and it just hit me that all of this definitely looks good together. 

Even this another match outfit with the fur outer jacket too! 


I am having difficulties to really choose the skirt I like because the skirts at Chicwish have is just so pretty and elegant! The printing on the skirt is really bold and interesting. I try not to keep choosing skirt with beautiful printing but I think these are all the skirt that are definitely caught the attention of others!

This look I try to be different so I kinda mix around with some bold wordings and numbers to make it a bit Harajaku style. Purposely choose slightly high slip on platform, the knit hat and the funky earrings. I even got it match with the starry night bag which I think it will be interesting to match it together.


The 4th outfit I decided to go for a beach summer look. Some may think is Midi Skirt suitable for a beach look? WHY NOT? Since this skirt is all in flowery design and the color is close to the summer look. You can just wear this to beach picnic or go for a coachella music festival event!

This outfit I was inspired by the beach and bohemian look. I think I should get a bikini inside the outfit instead of choosing the bra for a slightly sexy look for bohemian style. I love the bag with its aztec pattern and the accessories I got it for a bohemian style look. Beach hat and sunglasses are important to protect our skin and eye from the hot sun!


The 5th skirt and the 5th outfit. I choose a black and white print skirt, it was just not a normal print but printed with music notes and chords. Black and white is just perfect to go vintage look with Fedora Hat and Black gloves.

I choose a same pattern of black and white small bucket bag from MCM. It was one of my favorite bag in list too!! Besides the hat and the glove, the heels and the sunglasses was one of the attraction too. I love how the elegant and vintage heels and the retro glasses. Red lips is definitely for a vintage sexy look.


The last skirt I choose. Just like I say it was a hard time choosing the skirt I wanted to share with you guys!! I still have more nice skirt to share. The last skirt is the Santorini Print skirt!!! It was totally a dream of every girl wanted to go here for a romantic runaway or holidays. This skirt was a total hit in Chicwish and many got this skirt but I still prefer the first purple skirt I choose. 

Let's wear this skirt and dream of going Santorini for nice holiday vacation. I would like it to be in white sneakers and daisy bag and necklace. The watch is perfect combination of 3 colors, white, blue and yellow. Sunglasses is a must for vacation. Wearing a formal blazer if you are feeling cold in airplane or indoor. Can you start imagine wearing this outfit and be at Santorini?

Lookbook for the skirt. Perfect for vacation!

Lookbook Style are all taken from Chicwish.





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