heyo peeps, my shopper mode recently drive back after I saw the skirt that is sooooo dreamy and purple. I am thinking to write a blog post about all the skirt that I love from that websites. The shopping urge just came back. The good news is I have finally received the parcel that I long for almost 1 month from Wardrobemess. The item I been waited for weeks, although there are some problems going on during the process. But I think I can't wait to do a shooting with those pretty outfits and will talk about on the post.

Today post will basically the shopping haul that I bought at Bangkok. It's time to stop the Bangkok post for a while. Too many photos and too many post waited to write and share. I been thinking alot these days and got the feeling to write some feeling thoughts in my post. But everytime I just lazy and give up on the the thoughts.

Sometimes I always tend to drag my post for days and feel really lazy to write or post anything. But when the moment I start typing and writing, the passion just came back. It was like a magic or how, that I can feel my finger flying across the keyboards, haha.

Time to show you guys what outfit I bought from Bangkok. 

I not sure how you guys think. For me I find basics wear is really important for daily wear and easy style to any outfit you want. So I got myself 3 basic top with the color I love. The Masala High Waist jeans is what I always wanted since this color was the hit trend for the autumn and winter look. I got it like 100baht only in one of the store in Pratunam Market. 

I feel lucky because usually if you are shopping at Pratunam Market or even Platinum Mall. Everything is CHEAP if you buy in WHOLESALE price. If comes to normal price, I think there is not really big different than I shopping at Kl lol. But this pants is like the cloths that they put in outside of the store with a super super cheap price! The quality wise was normal for me because what you can expect for a 100baht pants!

The Grey sleeve top I bought together with the top on the first look. I got another wine red sleeve crop top too but the color quality is not good hence I didn't try it out. But if you have read my January outfit post here, I been wearing the tops already!

Quality I think it was quite comfy and good quality as well. I believe T shirt in Thailand is really cheap and comfortable because if you are buying T shirt here. You will notice most of them was made in Thailand.

Oh ya, I love this high waisted ripped jean that I bought too. Price was just 180Baht and I was happy because I got it my size too! There is just 1 thing I dislike is the zipped area the zip design was not really accurate hence the zip will keep exposed out and I really don't like it. LOL

The 3rd look I become a cute girl again with this super cute pinafore that I bought it in the Pratunam Mall. The sales girl say it was their best seller design.

I love its lace design and the button design with bear. This tartan pinafore was really so cute and dreamy design.

Move on to the inner top, a type of baseball shirt design. I bought 2 colors of it and I really love the color. Because is was so bright and pastel color suits for spring.

I got this really cute shorts too!!! I fall in love in 1 sight because you can't really find these kind of design in KL and the color is really dreamy and sweet color too! I got these shorts for 150 each for 3 pairs.

I love how they sew the cute deer and animal onto the shorts.

Move on to the same design of the tops but different color. I choose mint color!!

Can't tell how much love on this color and never thought of this outfit color looking really nice!

Bottom shorts is my favorite purple color in rose embroidery on it!!

The details was so precise and I love it gradient purple color. Its just make me hard to not fall in love with this shorts!

Only the shorts are from Bangkok, Crop Top was from Times Square.

Another shorts to die for!! I love the embroidery details too and white color is really easy match shorts for any top. I love the rip part on the bottom design of the shorts. The Aztec embroidery and rip design is so nice and edgy look.

The most expensive I bought from Bangkok. Because this set I got it from the night market and the jeans short I got it from MBK. Bought this set is because I didn't bring any shorts and not many tops to Bangkok. Because what we thought was really go for shopping and travel.

Mickey top design by sequins and the material for this top was quite thick also. I always love mickey cartoon design and mickey cartoon never fades on from fashion industry. You can still saw many mickey apparel selling everywhere. The jean was design with crochet flower that I find it special. I bought when I am a bit fat tummy and now got loose already. I got my glasses at Bangkok too!

As I mention before I am really a shopper holic and this time shopping in Bangkok is definitely not enough for me. I miss a nice shopping place at Chatuchak Market because I thought there only selling mostly craft and other things. I did buy some cloths there for my mum and brother for like 20 minutes time. I bought 1 small sling bag(100Baht) and 3 hair band(10baht) that was really really cheap at Chatuchak Market. But due to last day shopping and mostly spend money on the days before already.

But is ok because it just got me excuse to visit Bangkok again for more SHOPPING and FUN!! Hope you guys like my post about my short shopping haul I got it from Pratunam Market. I didn't got much at Platinum Mall though because I find the place also selling wholesale price. Not enough time for me to walk the whole Mall because it was too big!! I recommend to go there with friends or family, not ALONE. 

Got this piece from Platinum Mall.

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What you think about my shopping haul in Bangkok?



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