Hi my lovely friends, today post is about shopping haul cloths that I brought from Wardrobemess. I been scrolling their websites for quite some time and I never have the chance to buy their cloths as they are from Singapore. I have finally found few pieces cloths that I really like so I decided to just go for it.

Basically every piece I bought is all my favorites piece! Wardrobemess sold many basics wear and I really love it. Basics wear is just super convenient to wear and it just matches perfectly with pants, jeans and skirts. Basics wear is just like everyone favorite because it also can be wear in different styles that you want. Quality is also very important for basics wear, because comfy is what we love to wear. The price will decide how good quality is their clothing. Some other brand that I love their basics wear will be, Zalora, H&M and Uniqlo.

In Wardrobemess, I have bought total 5 pieces of clothing and it can match out with total of 4 to 5 looks that you want. But I just manage to show out 2 outfit that is my favorite. I have another long maxi dress but I guess show it next time.

Look 1

First time playing with this kind of fierce and sexy look. I am not getting used to it because I always love to smile when I was taking photo. With this look, I tend to be cool and cannot smile. But I still think that I look nicer when I smile showing my teeth.

Loving these series of photo that I took indoor. 

What's not to love about Culottes? Nowadays culottes is really famous in Taiwan, Europe country and culottes is one a basic wear of pants. It was really comfortable and yet fashionable to wear, easy matching with any top as well. If you are not a fan of wearing tight pants or legging, you can always try on culottes, because I love how comfortable they are. Your leg can prevent from hot sun and yet you won't suffer from sweaty and uneasy tightness of pants.

The lace trim bralet was a bit too loose for me, because my shoulder is not wide enough so the spaghetti string of the bralet will keep fall loose. I'm thinking to make it tighter so that I can wear t out! Another thing I love about the bralet will be their lace details, so vintage and feminine.

If you are not use to expose too much of your skin, try pair it with a jacket that you like. I been looking for a black leather jacket for quite sometime, and I finally saw it at Blaqmagik with the price that I can afford. I quickly add to cart and bought it home with me!! 

I am just 155cm and wearing culottes does make us look shorter because the portion of showing out our leg is smaller. Try pair it with heels that are not cover up all your legs. 

Look 2

Another look is totally different style than the first style. This is more to a cuter style look. Because I saw this super cute Hello Kitty set at Wardrobemess and I was totally in love with the set. But I think it was not my lucky day because they told me that the bottom Hello Kitty Skort has been defect!! I have no choice but have to abandon the Hello Kitty Skort and choose another white bottom to pair with my top.

Pleated Skirt is back in trend lately! I have never try pleated skirt before but when I look through Korean MV and you will see the koresn girls are wearing pleated skirt and it was so cute!!  

Pairing with my Hello Kitty Spec.

I love this top so much, is not just like the other Hello Kitty design you can find. The design is so bold and daring, color in blue, white and red. Not too childish or cute but mixed with euro street style. That's what make me totally in love with this design.

Another part I like about this pleated skirt is the pants design inside! I was surprise because I didn't know that they have pants design in it and it was so convenient! Because you can wear this cute pleated skirt without worry running around.

Hope you guys like my post!




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  1. kyaaaaaaa... you look super cute !! I love your second outfit.


  2. i just bought the white pleated skirt and was afraid it would be too short! May i know how tall are you? I didn't know there was a pants inside! Thats great :-) Love your outfit!!!