Hi my friends, here a short post about Guardian Make Over I went on the 23th and 24th of May. Mostly the details you can watch from my video that I recorded. But I still will blog about it and how happening was the event is. The Makeover is applicable for all Malaysian. It was very easy to join their makeover just buy their selected beauty brand product and you can buy a RM10 Makeover ticket on 23th and 24th of may.

So I got 1 makeover ticket and decide to try their makeover. The event is really happening as I went there after lunch. You can hear the music playing loudly and there are emcee and dancers too. We got in the queue and the queue is really long. We nearly give up and many of them already queue for 2 hours and more. Guess how long we queue? LOL

There are many sales going on and I keep on shopping around because the price is really so cheap LOL!!! There are many buy 1 free 1 product going on. Sales and Discount on the make up product. 

Revlon Counter.

Make Up counter. We are honor to have Makeup Puzzle and A Cut Above to help us on the makeover.

Nivea spin and win!

Silky Girl.

Big Stage and TV screen.

Counter. You can still buy the makeover ticket on the spot too. The makeover ticket is included of goodies bag too! I personally love their goodies bag because it was really worth more than RM10!! Many people buy the ticket not only for the makeover but for their AWESOME Goodies bag too!

Photobooth in action!

Start my Hair makeover first.

My bare face without make up. Purposely to not make up because wanted to go for their make over.

While I was doing Hair Make over, emcee is hosting game with the audience.

After make up.

Here's my after make up look. What you guys think? It was a simple and light make up as the makeup artist didn't draw thick eyeliner for me. The color she choose for me is more on light pink. 

Lastly, here's my video of the event. You can see how's the atmosphere and the crowds on that day. Overall the event was quite a success and many people come and join their make over! But there are still a lot of improvement that can be made, such as prepare seats and more make up counter for all the beauties. We have almost lined up for 3 hours and hair make up only done for 15-20 minutes. At first some spend more time on hair and make up, but slowly because of the crowds start to turn out a lot. They have to rush the make up and hair do too. 

After all I really like my make up and especially the hairdo. We even do a small shooting too. It will be up on my next blog post.

Date: 23th and 24th of May 2015
Time: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Venue: Nu Sentral



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  1. Her hair was wonderful! * - *

  2. So cool event and i love your hair! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and for liking my facebook page, i liked yours back :)


  3. Hi Sharon,

    Its such a great event , and I like ur make over result soooo pretty. ur hair is also wonderful :D