Hi my friends, here a short post about Guardian Make Over I went on the 23th and 24th of May. Mostly the details you can watch from my video that I recorded. But I still will blog about it and how happening was the event is. The Makeover is applicable for all Malaysian. It was very easy to join their makeover just buy their selected beauty brand product and you can buy a RM10 Makeover ticket on 23th and 24th of may.

So I got 1 makeover ticket and decide to try their makeover. The event is really happening as I went there after lunch. You can hear the music playing loudly and there are emcee and dancers too. We got in the queue and the queue is really long. We nearly give up and many of them already queue for 2 hours and more. Guess how long we queue? LOL

There are many sales going on and I keep on shopping around because the price is really so cheap LOL!!! There are many buy 1 free 1 product going on. Sales and Discount on the make up product.