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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2015 : Day 1 YE'S by YESIR

Hi lovely, I am back after watching KLFWRTW 2015 this afternoon. I hope I can blog finish this 2 post by tonight. Because I can't hide my excitement and fun time I have in this Fashion Show. It was my first time of my life that I have been to a Fashion Show. Not forget to mention this KLFWRTW 2015 was too awesome than you can imagine. 

The first day of KLFWRTW 2015 fall on the 12th of August Wednesday and thy are having their opening on the 11th August 2015 as well. I didn't manage to attend all of the show. For all thanks to Seeties Malaysia TAP and Pavilion KL for giving me the chance to attend Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week - Ready To Wear 2015.

In this post I will be writing the first show that I attend as a Plus with my friend!

I love his design with lovely Pastel Color to achieve the concept of minimalism in his style. It can be wear as formal and casual work.

As usual Black, Red and White is the perfect color combination of minimalism style in Deconstruction Principle Design.

YESIR design always focus in minimalism in his collection. With minimalism of elegant dinner dress, not too exaggerate but simple and elegant. 

A little touch of Chinese Traditional print in his design collection.

Thanks for the show!

Super grand interior of the show at Pavilion KL.

Not forget to take photo in this Walkaway stage like a model.

Not forget to take photo with YESIR. I love his collection and design concept. He is a really talented designer in China and always believe in his own belief. That is how strong belief of him that support him through the journey of doing his own fashion collection design.

Collection design that I like.

With My Partner of Crime.

Not forget to pose and take photo at Wowsome Photobooth.

The Official Launch and Show for all these Fashion Walkaway at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week - Ready To Wear 2015.

See you guys till the next post!!

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week - Ready To Wear 2015



  1. woho! nice event! great collection :)

  2. hello ms snowman! :D wonderful pictures.. and you look absolutely vibrant here

  3. Great photos dear and the collection looks really gorgeous!


  4. Wow! Im in love with the designs. Amazing and trendy. KLFW is a must if you want to keep up with the fashion industry. :)

  5. Nice fashion show ya dear! Love those designs you showed! But I guess I will never got this chance to wear those fashion clothes d T.T

  6. I want go to see KL fasihon week but I cannot cus my work, sad! Thanks for sharing this awesome photos you took from this event! I can see it!

  7. Nice pictures of the Fashion Show dear. And oh, love you skirt! :D

  8. I didn't even KNOW there is a fashion week. I loved the designs, especially the white dress with the lone pointy shoulder thingy (pardon my horrific fashion vocabulary) hehe

  9. love his collection. beautiful and practical to wear. Nice event. I was invited but couldn't make it. Was freaking sick the whole week and still sick now.

  10. KLFWRTW is over so soon. How quickly fashion comes and goes. :)

  11. Its no doubt one of the biggest event in town. Too bad I wasn't able to make it myself this year :)

  12. Saw you share photos about this. I am not so fashion like you do, so I didn't join this event.. haha

  13. yesir designs are very structural and it!

  14. wahh his designs are truly very very pretty! I want the first dress and the cape one!

  15. Wow, good show ya!! You must be very enjoy!!

  16. I love his dresses they are so my type, especially the first poc

  17. Good show and those collection are really pretty OMG!

  18. This is the only year I didn't attend KLFW, saw there lot of empty seats.

  19. Its seems like this year's KLFW is far less happening than previous :(

  20. been in KLFW is a kind of glamous!
    hopey you enjoy it!


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