Continue my KLFWRTW 2015 on the last day of the Show. This time I bring my boy along with me to this day show. I am here because of Twenty3, a online boutique that I really like. They have create a new collection line Sher | Twenty3 that brings the meaning Strength in Femininity. If you have been following me, you will know that I been a faithful customer of them. This time they are showing their new collection in KLFWRTW 2015 Day 5 2PM Show.

Thanks again to Seeties Malaysia and Pavilion KL for this wonderful show and opportunities for me to attend KLFWRTW 2015.

KLFWRTW 2015 - Happy Girl with the Back Drop. 

Cool style today for KLFWRTW 2015. Since the first day of KLFWRTW 2015 I didn't manage to dress up nicely and it was kinda stress to saw many fashionista, designer and models are here for KLFWRTW 2015. 

Outfit Details

Top | Twenty3
Skirt | Twenty3
Heels | Zalora
Bag | Nin3tysix

林冰冰, Malaysian Artist

高艺, Malaysia Artist.

Posing with my favorite people! 

I love to take photo with her, Kittie Yiyi is way too cute okay!!

With my Partner in crime to attend today KLFWRTW 2015. Not forget to mention we are sitting FRONT ROW in KLFWRTW 2015!!! I was so excited and can't be grateful enough to have this chance to be in the front row face to face with the walkaway.

Black is the new rule. I like how this collection with Black color but using different material piece to create the layer and the uniqueness of the outfit. Not forget RED as the main contrast color of black as the last few pieces in the fashion show. Their minimalist and modern take on saffron red monk robes, A shirtdress with draped front. [wearHIDE]

Autumn season with Olive Green and Black. Beautiful cuttings and design.

A little touch of Pastel and Mint Color for this young and feminine series. High Waist and Crops showing the best part of a Young Girl. Sporty Chic with a touch of pastel collection.

I am here for their show. It was a great show and I love it! I always admire Sherlyn Tan, Founder Twenty3. She is such an inspiring lady in this field! I never stop admire her personalities her style and her dream. Congrats again for making your dream came true.

Fall in love with Hayden Koh Collection. Super classy and elegant pieces, perfect color for this Fall 2015. Who wouldn't wish wear all these dress!

Aenie Wong, Malaysia Artist. She looks stunning with the dress from Hayden Koh.

My honor to take photo with Dato Jimmy Choo, London-based luxury fashion designer famous with his hand made Women's Shoes. He was so friendly and always take photos with people who want to take photo with him. 

Not forget a group with Maple, Yours truly and Maple's friend. We all got coordinate outfit, Black and White.

A little video sum up the fashion show I went in these two days.

Thanks again for Seeties Malaysia and Pavilion KL for the invite and giving me this great opportunities in my life. Never will I thought of attending a Fashion Show which is super Grand and Gala in my life. Sitting in the front row is what I never never expected. Having chance to meet with great and inspire people in my life. It was so much of happiness and excitement attending Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week - Ready To Wear 2015.

I hope I can join Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Next Year AGAIN!!

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week - Ready To Wear 2015



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  1. its a very cool and inspiring post and you look very beautiful!
    Like a lot your blog dear so I am your new follower, hope you follow back and we stay in touch!
    Happy week!


  2. Really interesting post~! I love all of your pictures <33

  3. Wonderful pictures. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Love all the design! Owhhhh! that Kitti Yiyi certainly cutie pie.

  5. Woo so nice you can attend this kind of fashion shows! Then you can know the latest trend and fashion d :P

  6. Good pics . How cool . I would also be thrilled to be in your shoes !

  7. Wow! Everyone looks so fashionable stylish!~ The clothes that runaway model wearing are so unique and nice...

  8. nice fashion show indeed, you look great too. The model shoes are all same :D

  9. Looks like you had a great time with the bold and beautiful people.. I am envious.... Have a great week ahead

  10. Among all those designers, I like Kity Yiyi's. Her collections are always colourful and vibrant. Very refreshing!

  11. So lucky! But sometimes i feel that i need to have the 'height' in order to pull that look off. *cries* But everyone had their own touch to their own collection. You look great btw, love you model pouts :*

    Aliza Sara

  12. you're one of the beautiful people! so fashionable la. :D

  13. see lot of familiar faces in your post. Welldone...

  14. Hayden Koh's designer collection will be my favorite, love the cutting and simplicity.

  15. You look fashionable too. Can also go for the runaway.😊

  16. I saw your photo saying you met Jimmy Choo! OMG! That is so great!

  17. I think you look fashionable enough. Don't take my word for it though hahaha
    I love Hayden Koh's collection best, though Sherlynn's collection comes in a near second. Overall, quite a promising fashion scene growing here in Malaysia.

  18. Wow really loving all the designs but ah jealous yoy met so many celebrities! Koet yee is so cute and pretty!


  19. Love your style on that day too it must be an awesome show and lotsa celeb spotting too

  20. Great event!! I like all the designers collections!!

  21. I love the pictures you took~ everything looks so lovely *u*
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  22. Jimmy Choo looks so humble! Btw nice skirt!