Hi pretties, today will be blogging about Skinsoul. A Brand has been in Malaysia for 1 year. SkinSoul was developed by it founder, Dr Joanne Au Yong. They started their brand from Penang until now they have expand their stores and brand to KL and Johor as well. SkinSoul start with the concept about sensitive skin and restoring our skin's soul through miraculous powers of nature.

What's more powerful than the power of Nature that can restore our skin? Which is why you can trust SkinSoul's skincare and makeup range to be always free from any ingredients that is dangerous for your health.

Head over to their Outlet at Mid Valley Megamall Lot-LG077. Beside was Red Eye shop. Besides that I have some awesome privileges for all my readers too! Hope you guys can read till the end of my post with SkinSoul.

I simply love SkinSoul outlet design, black and classy tile floor. The lightning looks super elegant and classy from the outside. It was easy to find for their outlet as well, be sure to drop by to their shop if you are at Mid Valley.

Lovely Violet explaining about the product that they are gonna provide for us.

Learning how to use SkinSoul Ultra Soft facial Towelettes. Violet was putting on their foundation, lipstick and even mascara on my hand.

A short video about how Violet demonstrate how to use SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes. Super easy and with few wipes all the stubborn and waterproof make up gone!

In SkinSoul they have 2 Series of product. The first will be their SkinSoul Skin Shield. Skin Shield has triple protective shield that made them stands out in this series. It is Damage Shield, Sun Shield and Micro Shield. This range is suitable for every age of all skin type.

A little information about their product. SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Toweletts. That helps to removing pore-clogging impurities and stubborn waterproof make-up in 1 STEP and enjoy the comfort in knowing that your face is completely free of makeup.

C. Jello - Collagen Jelly Bar. 

With No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, and ingredients that are all from natural sources.

Ace Organic - Ashitaba Leaf. 

It is prove that with powerful natural antibacterial properties, Ashitaba double up as natural preservative that creates a stable microbe-resistant formula safe for the most sensitive skin.

In SkinSoul, they stringently select only the most organic sources of Ashitaba, the purest glacial water to be the water base of all products, and selected natural botanical extracts with supporting nutrients and vitamins to full nourish your skin.

Not forget at SkinSoul, they have their own cosmetics line as well. That is SkinSoul Aesthetic Cosmetics. Here's some short introduction about their cosmetics product from SkinSoul.

SkinSoul The Lover Lip Color 

This product comes with 100% lead Free and safe. Commiphora mukul resin extract to make our lips appear more plum and smooth and Vitamin E content smoothens and protects lips from free radical damage for a delightful youthful appearance.

They have total of 15 colors of Lip Color. The color was so pretty! Bright and youthful color for our look. Texture was smooth and not dry after apply. The color on my hand was some of their best seller and favorite colors.

SkinSoul Twist Infinite Moisturizing Eyeliner 

They have total of 5 color. I love the shimmer texture of the color and it was easy to apply as well. Color was highly pigmented in dramatic shades of Black, Silver, Bronze, Blue And Green. This eyeliner was made from Italy that features a convenient automatic twist function so no sharpening is required.

SkinSoul Velvety Eyeshadow

With intensely pigmented for a striking look, their eye-shadow range will make your eyes pop and draw irresistible attention to the windows of your soul. The long lasting formula is also loaded with Vitamins A, C and E that improves, moisturizes, rejuvenates, repairs and protects skin. Available in 15 stunning colors. 

Right: SkinSoul Velvety Liquid Foundation 

Left: SkinSoul Duo Powder Foundation

SkinSoul Sheer Highlighter Blush

Made in Italy with Vitamin E enriched corn oil and antioxidant rich rosehip extract, the blush not only moisturises and softens, but also strengthens and repairs skin. Highly pigmented yet natural, the velvety translucent powder is easy to blend for a naturally alluring blush that is simply sensual.

Philosophy of SkinSoul : The Soul of Your Skin

Putting Soul back into your skin for true beauty from within

At SkinSoul, they believe that skin has its own life force, its own soul that radiates with natural beauty and youthful glow when properly nourished and taken care of.

However, exposure to pollutants, stree, the dehydrating effect of air-conditioning, the harsh effects of the sun, and even the make up we apply daily can drain your skin of its soul, leaving your skin dry, dull, patchy and lacking in elasticity making it looked aged and unattractive.

The only true way to restore your skin's soul, beautiful, youthful radiance is to directly feed your skin's soul with the best nourishment that the miracles of nature have to offer, and this is where SkinSoul comes in.

So girls, what are waiting for? Let's follow me in a journey nourishing our skin's soul with SkinSoul. Stay tuned with me in the next post for more details of SkinSoul product. Not forget there will be many goodies and privilege for all my readers as well. Hope that I will be meeting you guys soon in my next post with SkinSoul.

A Journey to Restore the Natural Radiance of Beautiful Skin.

*Info from SkinSoul.


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