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Is been a while I stop my SkinSoul Journey on my blog. Now I'm back with the final and my favorite product from SkinSoul Cosmetics. This is Natural Volume Attack Mascara from SkinSoul.

This product is one of their Best Selling product in SkinSoul! Wanted to know why, slowly read though my post and you will know WHY. 

Do you wish for a natural grow fuller and longer lashes without any fake lashes or extension lashes to burden your eye? 

 Natural Volume Attack Mascara from SkinSoul.

Hi lovelies, let's continue journey of SkinSoul with me. Do you know the important of Collagen to women? Approximately 30% of the protein in our bodies is made up of collagen, which supports the structure of our skin, makes our skin strong and elastic, and keeps aging at bay. Collagen also ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin, bone and cartilage.

There are 5 Types of Collagen Type, I will blog about the Type I Collagen that are for Bones, Tendors, Ligaments and most importantly is OUR SKIN.

There are few effects of type 1 collagen loss.
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Skin lacks firmness
• Breast Sagginess
• Muscle Soreness
• Joint and Muscular Stiffness
• Delayed Wound Healing
• Frequent Fatigueness
• Brittle Nails
• Hair Loss and Dryness

After knowing the importance of Collagen, next you will have to start look for a High Quality Collagen Product which can prevent but at the same time maintains our skin firmness, reduces fine line, and to delay our body ageing process.

Let me introduce this C Jello Collagen Jelly Bar for our Youthful and Radiant Skin

Finally back to blogging about my journey with SkinSoul. If you haven't read more about my previous review about SkinSoul, you can click here to read back. Who doesn't like travelling set product? It was so convenient with its mini set and most important SkinSoul Skin Shield Travelling Set is packed with skin vitamins and minerals of Ashitaba encapsulated in pure Swiss Glacier Water.

[About SkinSoul Skin Shield]

Skin Shield is an all natural skincare range formulated in Switzerland, whose heritage is world-renowned for research and innovation in beauty and personal care. Our products are in adherence to the highest quality standards of international Good Manufacturing Practice.

SkinSoul Skin Shield skincare range is also made from pure organic Ashitaba and a fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal in the kindest manner.

[What is Organic Ashitaba]
With a unique array of phytonutrients, including 11 Vitamins, 13 Minerals, and potent antioxidants featuring a rare class of flavonoids called chalcones, our organic Ashitaba from Japan has powerful healing and regenerative abilities to reverse the signs of ageing, smooth wrinkles, fade age spots, regenerate skin elasticity and suppleness, heal skin irritation, and brightens skin radiance.

SkinSoul Skin Shield Traveling Set 

Make Up remover hasn't be easy for us. Especially if you apply make up everyday, make up remover has been a important beauty regimen for us. You might think that removing is just only a mere important step sometimes we might be skipping that step and focus on our daily cleansing and applying skin care product.

Yet this important step leave our skin fresh and clean! Make up removal removes away cosmetics, impurities and dirt from the surface of your skin, which could lead irritation or cause you skin to age more rapidly.

Choosing a right and suitable make up removal is also to one of the key to leaving you skin fresh and clean. SkinSoul Ultra Soft Towelettes that contains many natural active ingredients can remove our make up and waterproof make up thoroughly and leaving you skin fresh and light texture after using it!

SkinSoul Ultra Soft Towelettes.

Hi pretties, today will be blogging about Skinsoul. A Brand has been in Malaysia for 1 year. SkinSoul was developed by it founder, Dr Joanne Au Yong. They started their brand from Penang until now they have expand their stores and brand to KL and Johor as well. SkinSoul start with the concept about sensitive skin and restoring our skin's soul through miraculous powers of nature.

What's more powerful than the power of Nature that can restore our skin? Which is why you can trust SkinSoul's skincare and makeup range to be always free from any ingredients that is dangerous for your health.

Head over to their Outlet at Mid Valley Megamall Lot-LG077. Beside was Red Eye shop. Besides that I have some awesome privileges for all my readers too! Hope you guys can read till the end of my post with SkinSoul.