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Revolution High Color Lipgloss @ URBAN DECAY

My first time try on darker lip color. Is been on my trying list to do so but then I didn't really go and look for one. I am not a girl who only just loyal to 1 lip stick brand. But I love to experience different brand lipstick and color too. So far the most color lip brand I got is from Laneige. 

I know most of the girls have the thought of Lip Stick/ Lip Gloss is such a waste. Since after eating the color doesn't remain on our lip, some of the girls will lazy to reapply again but some will apply it again after eat. But for me I always lazy to reapply again if not I will not put any lip stick if going out for lunch date.

I bet every girl own many Lip Stick/ Lip Gloss in their make up collection too. I added 1 new brand collection of Lip Gloss in my collection last month. Is was always one of my top favorite brand and never was I thinking to get their Lip Gloss since they are famous with their Eye Shadow Palette.

My first Urban Decay make up product - URBAN DECAY Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss.

I first know about this brand is from one of my favorite blogger Lumi, and I totally love the way she apply and the color that looks super pretty on her. She kindly told me what's the color she choose from URBAN DECAY. I decide to got this color for my Darker Lip Gloss collection.

The words about Revolution and High Color caught my eye when I bought this. What is the Revolution and High Color brings out in this Lip Gloss?

Revolution High-Color Lipgloss comes in a huge range of lust-worthy shades in both cream and sparkle textures. With gorgeous nudes, bold brights and deep, dark shades, our lineup has something for everyone, from longstanding favorites (like 69, Big Bang, Punch Drunk and Apocalypse) to brand new shades destined for cult status. 

Revolution High-Color Lipgloss feels and looks amazing on your lips. Their Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super creamy texture, insane pigmentation and superior color dispersion. It’s also laced with Hilurlip™, which defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller. 

The design of this Lip Gloss was really pretty and slim. It was easy to slip in to your bag and pocket whenever you are in a rush.

Glossy outer design with the 3D wavy design on the sleek and sophisticate URBAN DECAY Revolution High Color Lipgloss.

The tip of the Lip Gloss Brush. I love as you can see tiny soft brush on the tip which are really soft and smooth to apply on.

I bought this for my KLFW 2015 look too since I wanted to create make up look with Dark Lip Color. The color I choose is one of their best seller color too, Apocalypse. The most darker color of the shade from URBAN DECAY Revolution High Color Lipgloss. I love this color shade which surprisingly has the color that are near to Purple color too.

I really love this Lipgloss a lot until having too many shots of this product.

Time for some experiencing with URBAN DECAY Revolution High Color Lipgloss.

Start of with my no color lip.

Half way there.

Full Lips color.

Surprisingly the color doesn't looks darker as its look. But give slightly dark purple and plum color. I love the intense color on the my lips, and it super glossy and moisturize my lip. The coverage was really good also with the pigmented color on my lips.

So its good to create a badass and rock look with this color, eh? Did I manage to pull it through? 

That's not about it because URBAN DECAY comes out with their Fall 2015 Collection. I can't stop staring with all this pretty and stunning purple color that they release for their Fall 2015 Collection. Why they coming out with this purple color! The design and color looks so tempting to look at and to collect it. I guess if they comes out with a Purple Eyeshadow pallete it will be so much nicer and I would surely love to bring it home.




  1. Yes you are right! "Most of the girl have the thought of Lip Stick/ Lip Gloss is such a waste"! I agree with it so I never buy for lip stick anymore :(

  2. You definitely carried it well. Looks lovely on you. So striking!

  3. The colour looks really dark but when it apply to your lips, it looks great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. the color looked great on you. I do not have the guts to try out that color yet.

  5. omg i love the shade!!! I love dark color!! I want to try and the packaging omg so beautiful

  6. wow nice colour, looks great on you. Dark color is not that bad, hehe.. Halloween soon is quite useful.

  7. Look good with smokey eyes make up

  8. I need this lipgloss.. It's so good.. Sexy lips!

  9. I hardly use lipgloss and this colour looks really very dark to me . i think should combine it with another shade to balance it.

  10. such a beautiful color. Something unique

  11. IN LOVE WITH THAT DARK COLOR! I wished UD is available at the local beauty store :P

  12. Lovely colour... great for dinner or something....gothic glam kinda makeup!!!

  13. Very unique shade. I like urban decay. The range is very unique most of the time

  14. Very unique shade. I like urban decay. The range is very unique most of the time

  15. the color is so pretty, you looks so great with that color ^^

    Tori Chu

  16. Who doesnt love Urban Decay? I love most of their products, but i've personally never tried their lipgloss before. I dont particularly like the sticky after feel after applying it :/

  17. Looks not bad. :). I don't think I will be able to.carry it well..I usually go for light colours.

  18. Your expression is so funny la girl! Anyway the shade is darker might be more suitable for night.

  19. go goth! gothic chicks are the bomb! hehehe

  20. wow~~ 20 comments ler~~ I cant believe such gorgeous colour is actually a lip gloss. btw, how much is it yea?

  21. You look so badass chic in your lippie Sharon!

  22. Wow, this is such a strong shade, something that I can never pull off! Perfect for the badass look or even halloween! :D

  23. Wow! Amazing unique lip gloss colour on you, Sharon! Hmm...I dont think am dare to try it out :P

  24. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)

  25. I love lip glosses... but purple lip gloss? Wow! Something different! Gives out this rocker chick look.

  26. wow the colour is really nice but really strong too. i think will need the rock style to carry it.

  27. Awh I have this shade too, and it looks really good on you. The coverage is a little light though but the pigment does stand out. Good review dear, keep it coming :)


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