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Prom Time for the BEST PROM DRESSES

2015 is coming to an end and most probably you will get many wedding dinner invitation and parties going on. You will definitely need many pretty and elegant prom dress to wear. I find it quite exciting while preparing all the beautiful dresses to wear and I love to do it with my friends, so we could share the fun make up and dress up pretty together.

Finding a perfect dress to the prom or dinner sometimes will quite troublesome, as you would wanted the dress to be nicely presentable, elegant and glamorous. Here I am writing about a beautiful website that you can get favorite and one and only prom dress you would love!


PromTimes is one of world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. They have the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet. Across tehir integrated enterprise, PromTimes offers a wide array of national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices.

A-line Sweetheart Short Mini White Tulle Cocktail Dress CD013

Let's start of with some of my favorite Prom Dress from the website. Who doesn't like white? White Dress always the top priority when you come to choose a gown. It was easy to match, match beautifully with everything. This piece comes with the diamond bling on the Top which slowly spread to the Tulle Bottom. Which easily stand out among all the plain dress, I love tulle too! Gives more romantic and classy feel! 

 Bateau Long Sleeve Sweep/Brush Train Daffodil Prom Dresses UK PD0052

When I first saw this yellow dress, I immediately fall in love with the color, cutting and lastly the beautiful Yellow Goldish Lace color of this dress. It lace was fitted from the front part until the back create a deep V back and end it on the beautiful waist line of the dress. How can I not loving this beautiful dreamy princesses dress! With the flower band perfectly fitted the flower garden theme.

You can definitely find more of the beautiful prom dress with the below link.

Scoop Short Floor-length Long Prom Dresses UK PD0825

If you wanted to present more elegant look during dinner or parties, Long Prom Dresses is the perfect choice! I choose this beautiful sky blue long prom dress! I always choose the diamond blink details on the top because this is how you can save your time looking for necklace to wear since the attention will on the details of the diamond embellishment. Love the Chiffon Long Dress that are so flowly and elegant.

One Shoulder Sleeveless Floor-length Long Light Slate Gray Prom Dresses UK PD1247

First time choose this type of grayish green prom dress. The color might be a dull color option for a prom night or event. But still I love the color because it also gives the mature and feminine out too. The One Shoulder Sleeveless Drap on the end of shoulder add some Goddess element to this prom dress.

Get yourself more gorgeous long prom dress in the website too.

A-line Strapless Floor-length Lavender Chiffon Prom Dress PD588

Lastly I even choose some CHEAP and DISCOUNT Prom dress for you to choose! I found this was really sweet color to resist since I use to love pastel a lot. Purple was my top choice too. The flower lace embellishment was really pretty too. Strapless is perfect to show off your shoulder to create more sexy illusion. Maxi long chiffon is the best princess material to go for!

One Shoulder Sleeveless Short/Mini Cheap White Prom/Cocktail Dresses CD1422

White Prom Dress to end my post! I choose a mini cute dress too. Some times you would love to wear mini short dress to show off your legs with killer heels too. But you would love to have pretty and cheap prom dress too! This piece would definitely be your top love as it comes in various color and size. Love the flower on the strap too, so lovely and cute!

Happy shopping for more discount and more pretty prom dresses!



  1. Love your choices. I like number 1.

  2. Ballerina dress decorated in diamonds is definitely the best!

  3. Thanks for sharing. That yellow dress is Gorgeous. Love it!

  4. would love to see u in the prom dress as well! they sure looks good.

  5. The first dress is so pretty! Love the purple one too

  6. my prom time didn't go for it as need pay tickets to enter the hall. lol.
    save me the money no need to buy prom dresses.

  7. Sighhh... I wish I had a younger and slimmer body to fit into these amazing dresses.....

  8. the first cocktail dress is so pretty. I'm actually looking for a mint dress for a friend wedding. Shall scan through what this site got to offer :)

  9. all prom dresses so cantik la.

    i was thinking, they really should make one for those with shorter legs. I have some lady friends, can't wear gowns coz a bit too long. hehe

  10. Prettyyyyy! Youre making me wonder why youre looking for prom dresses ;)

  11. I like the first one!!!! So pretty! <3

  12. Love all the dresses! How I wish we could have them all.

  13. Loved the seamless cutting for the blue dress dear. Definitely very effortless for a prom dress. The combinations that was done here is very nice and color definitely plays a vital role from prom :)

  14. Cantiknya! Nice dress. I suka that yellow dressssss.

  15. OMG I like the 4th dress! So elegant and really wish to own it for my collection :D

  16. Wow.. More and more Sharon.. i like this topic.. hehe

  17. I love Scoop Short Floor-length Long Prom Dresses UK PD0825 but probably because I love blue. Hehehe

  18. all the prom dresses are really pretty, wish we have culture of prom here last time.

  19. wow! all the dresses so pretty and nice....I love the dresses whether short or long length shared here :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  20. all the dresses here very nice and pretty, be it the long or the short length :) I like the sweet and soft colours too :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  21. I love those prom dresses and its suitable for my company annual dinner as well.

  22. Didn't know about this PromTimes website until I read your post, would like to check out those nice dresses also :)


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