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Thanks 2015, Hello 2016!

Hopes I am still not too late for my Resolution 2016 post. Happy New Year again all! Can't believe time passes and 2016 is here. Although I have not been travel to other place in 2015 because I plan to go some where more exciting during 2016. Stay tuned in my instagram and facebook.

I went through my 2015 post about my 2015 resolution and guess I didn't write much about just continue to Love Life for 2015. Doing what we like is something really important in life so that you could live your life happier and easier. Although sometimes in life we are force to accept the circumstances in front of our life. 

I did mention about continue my love life in my 2015 resolution with him I guess everything has turns out well. I was really thankful to this and thank God that we have manage to go through the toughest part in 2015. 

2015 surely has been the most down moments in my life besides when my dad leaving us. I can't really imagine how I have been go through that period of my life alone. But all glory to God, I was strong and able to continue my journey with the Love in my life.

Not forget that are actually many Happy things happen in my life too!


I meet a lot of blogger's friend in my blogger journey. Thanks to Butterfly Malaysia for creating a platform for me to know more blogger's friends. I start to expand my friends to blogger community too. I have build a good friendship with them too. We plans for gathering, meet up, and events together. Seriously I feel quite happy to be able to be a part of them.

Here's the mamasan for Butterfly Malaysia, Tammy Lim. Which I feel grateful to have know The Butterfly Project Malaysia and able to a part of this community definitely brings my blogging to another higher level. I can't wait for more to come in this 2016 with all the Butterflies in Butterfly Project Malaysia. Because of this community I was also able to know more and get close with other blogger's and support each other.

My Gathering Kaki with Rebecca, Bowie, Adeline and Sin Yee. Really happy to have know all of them and I hope that our group can grow bigger and stronger with each other!

Not to forget I have my Blog First Giveaway collaborate with these 2 pretty young lady here! Maple and Juneci, both are my BFF that I feel quite close and able to be crazy around when I was with them. Can't feel thankful to able to know them in my life to makes my life so wonderful and happy.

Not forget I have join my first ever bazaar in my life. It was a really great experience and hope to have join a bigger bazaar in 2016. It was really fun to be able to sell things which I haven't really try it in my life yet.

Food Review Journey is never been easy! Although many people might thought it was a good chance to eat free food but the after editing and drafting is the toughest part. But able to be part of the team was definitely a great opportunity to learn and grow. Thanks for all the Cafe's invite and Food Inker for giving me this opportunity to grow my blog to my readers.

Beauty Sponsors! There is too many product from beauty to health product I have been receive for 2015. Never think myself to be so lucky to able to be part of the sponsor journey with them. Thanks Natta Cosme, Althea Malaysia, Muse By Watson, Skin Soul and other more too!


In 2015, It was my mum 50th Birthday! Can't believe my mum has reach the age 50 and I hope for best health and best happiness in her life. I know I might not the BEST Daughter like everyone else, but I love Her as much as I do.

As My Brother,  I know when I am older and busy with my working and blog life. When I back home he was not around, when he was back home I was not around.  We hardly talk to each other since but deep in my heart I know that my brother was independent enough to not let me or my mum worry. Love him so much! I still miss the close moment and we can talk a lot till midnight when we are small. Since young we know beside mum, we only have each other to support.


It also a UP and DOWN 2015 for both of us. It does make us feel so much love and care with each other after what we go through in life. The road never been easy because of 2 different peoples from different family with different thinking. It was never easy, we will have some argue on and off sometimes. 

I want to say thank you for your patience with my stubbornness and my in perfect in my life. Not forget your love support in my blogger life and in the things that I like to do. Thanks for all the years being together I can't wait for more Year to come.

My self

My Hairstyle for 2015. I guess this is how much my hair had change for the year 2015. It was definitely a dramatic change since I first started to grow my fringe because I was planning to go for Short Hair Look after my fringe is long enough. Never in my life I grow my fringe before because I always think that I have really wide and big forehead so I always use short fringe to cover my forehead. But turns out long fringe is quite suitable for me too! Especially Short Bob looks super pretty and suitable which I feel quite happy about. It was also my First Short hair after SPM.

Not sure how long my Short Bob will remain as, but I start to get addicted to always go saloon to trim my hair already. Hope my bf doesn't get upset with it since sometimes he still miss my long hair.

I start my Fashion post in 2015 too! With Videos and more Photos too! But I stop filming lookbook videos because I want to focus on Outfit Post before I move to Video. I guess I improve my blog quality a lot from 2014 to 2015 I got my new mirrorless camera and laptop before GST which helps me a lot in blogging. 

Thank God for all the great opportunity that I win myself a photoshoot for Bausch + Lomb Malaysia, stay at Perhentian Island. Win Clothes from Clothes Buffet Malaysia and Shopaholic Den. Ticket to Hello Kitty Town and Canmake product from Arisa Chow, Small Gifts from Chanwon and Lumi(Blogger which I follow), Shopping Voucher from Doublewoot which I never think of. Truly a year of blessing for 2015.

I kinda happy for 2015 because I remember once my friend ask me what is my interest beside blogging. I told her Photography and Fashion which I find it I do implement in my blog also. I love taking photograph and I love fashion also! That I can share through my blog which I feel it was definitely a GREAT Achievement in 2015. I am grateful that in 2015 I am still able to follow my dream and interest. Perseverance is really important to keep my BLOG stay ALIVE. Never Regret start blogging. 

My Little Resolution for 2016

1. Continue to improve and brings more ideas to MY BLOG

2. Spend more times with Family and Friends.

3. Stay Healthy and Exercise More

4. Travel More.

5. Love myself more and My Boyfie more.

Lastly I want to thanks for all the supports from My Friends, Blogger's Group, My Family and My Love. I been living my 2015 so AWESOME with all the great support from everyone. Love you all!




  1. wah~~ quite touch reading ur this post too! After all, we met quite often when I was in KL. too bad I wan't in KL now. and I can feel quite involve in ur this post ler, coz I read ur post, and attend food review together. Wish to have more time like this!!

    All the best in 2016, and anything can find me too =D

    1. No worries Maple! We will have many chances to meet up =D

  2. Amazing post! You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?

  3. Cute resolution!!!
    I wish Sydney had more of a bigger blogging community happening :( But its so non-existent :/
    Thanks for sharing your little 2015 review :D

    BLOG: ♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪)♥

  4. 'heheheh...

    I wish u can achieve your 2016 resolution!

  5. Great post dear. It was amazing getting to know you too. Let's have a great 2016. God bless *hugs*

    1. I hope we have more time together too! Thanks babe!! Hugss*

  6. Happy new year!
    Hope that you will achieve your resolution for year 2016 :)

  7. What a nice post of reminiscing 2015. Wishing you have a better and more prosperous 2016!!

  8. Happy new year, I'm glad things worked itself out on your love life! I hope you have an even better 2016 with him! :)

    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

  9. Wonderful 2015 u had... 2016 is going to be a blast!

  10. Happy New Year. May 2016 be even better than 2015!

  11. ur hair changes alot throughout the year! but still pretty all the time :P all the best in 2016, and may your wishes come true

    1. Thanks Fish! Thanks for your wishes same to yours =D

  12. happy new year to you! i'm sure all your loved ones will feel touched reading this piece. best regards to all of them, and you too! :)

  13. Interesting 2015! Filled with love and joy!
    Hope you have a memorable 2016 this year ;)

  14. Interesting year! Happy Birthday and hope 2016 will be kind to all of us :)

  15. HAPPY NEW YEAR. your resolutions are nice, almost the same as me hehe. I REALLY WANNA TRAVEL MORE. i must omg.

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  16. Naww, you looks great with both and long fringe. Such a lovely flash back btw babe.

  17. Happy New Year, looks like you have a wonderful 2015 and hope that the 2016 will be better

  18. You did have a good 2015... lets hope 2016 rocks for all of us.. and may our new year resolution be fulfilled...

  19. You make me want to cut my hair short too cause i never had short hair since like, ummm, small? hahaha. May 2016 bring you more happiness and success. :D

    1. Go and Give it a try Dear! Who knows it might give you some fresh and nice look =D Thanks love!!

  20. interesting year u have last year. may this year be even better :)

  21. enjoy reading this blog post :) you had a memorable 2015 :) May your 2016 even more with greater and enjoyable one :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  22. Happy New Year and may the new year bring the best in all of us. More exciting stories and fashion spread please.

  23. a good year has passed, let's make 2016 the best ever!

  24. i never met you Sharon, i don't know why, but i always read your blog so feel like i know you well already

    1. Thanks Leona =D Should I take it as compliment? hehe!

  25. Happy New Year 2016 to you Sharon. Looking forward to see more fashion in your blog.


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