This time I will blog about a really interesting product that is Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology - Syringe of Skin Booster. It was my first time encounter with this product and it was a really interesting to know that we can use this skin booster now in Malaysia also. Wanted to know what's the benefit and function of this skin booster?

A syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks. It is greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening and classifies to cosmeceutical grade skin care product. Besides that it has silky texture, refreshing and easily absorb to our skin.

When I got this I thought it was a syringe that comes in needle. Since I have some needle phobia, but turns our its not haha! It was from Korea so it has Korea Words as well. Authentic from Korea.

NET weight: 30mg x 2 syringe. I can use 1 syringe for almost a week. Depends the usage of how you use.

It was quite user friendly, easy tear opening of the packaging.

Behind details with Korean wordings.

Expire Date: 10/10/2018

Ta dang the Hanangell Syringe Skin Booster. They are nicely seal with the cover cap infront and behind of the syringe. The main ingredients of skin booster contains hyaluronic acid and collagen.

 I find it some time to figure how to open the syringe, turns out it was very easy just twist the start head. Wola don't worry as it will just break at the front part, just right for the skin booster to pump out.

Pump just the appropriate amount of skin booster for your skin.

 It was transparent, texture was quite moisture as well.

 I use to rub my skin care product before appling on my face to give more balance application on my face. The warm of my hand helps to absorbs all the moisturizer more effectively as well.

The small molecular compounds in the skin booster have quick penetration into skin and not forget the supplementation of collagen and moisture in our body and skin. It has makes my pores small and refines my pores and gives my skin more moisture and brighter skin tone!
Not worry as it is suitable for all skin types. Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen are able to penetrate into our skin quickly, gives intense hydration to our skin and gives us brighter skin as well. Skin Booster is also made up from natural components with No Hormones, Non Irritating, Lead and Mercury FREE. It was Safe for Sensitive Skins and Pregnant Woman as well.
 There are total of 11 EFEECTIVENESS of this SKIN BOOSTER

Refine Pores
Anti Wrinkle
Deep Hydration
Brighter Skin Tone
Soft Skin
Firmer Skin
Anti Wrinkles
Soothes Allergy
Repair Basal Cells
Suitable for ALL Skin types

Instructions: Apply twice a day during morning and evening after cleansing your face. Pump the appropriate amount on your palm, and apply it on your face and neck areas and massage gently until it is full absorbs into your skin. Not only that, this product can be use as body lotion as well.

For more details about this Hanangell Skin Booster

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  1. Amazing product! Great to know that nowadays the technology is so advanced that facial product can be so convenient too. 10sheet of mask in just one small syringe!

    1. Yes I was really amaze with this product too!

  2. Amazing that this tiny tube carries 10 times worth of facials per application!

  3. Very moisture product, your review give a lot of info...

  4. I love the packaging. Notice the improvement on your skin too.

  5. Can see the different after your application. Looks like a great product to try on.

  6. the result is very good. i wish to have nice skin complexion as you too!
    Amazing 11 benefits ...surely I'm going to try it myself.

  7. interesting packaging and the results look great!! :D

    xx Mandy

  8. can't believe that the result looks so good :D i need some skin booster for my tired skin too

  9. Nice packaging and the product like works for your skin. I have not try it yet.

  10. wow.. this is amazing... it is equilavent to 10 masks??? Oh wow... kicking myself...

  11. Can see your skin become more radiant! Seem nice to use =)

  12. ooh so many ppl review this product. New brand to me but interesting to try

  13. Your skin looks so improved after the application. How long lasting is the effect?

  14. I like the outlook of this product! I'll gonna try for myself :)

  15. Wow, there is a mattifying effect and your pores looks almost invisible in the 2nd photo!

  16. Good to know that it is suitable for all skin type because some products that I've tried before was not suitable for my skin. Was causing rashes and itchiness. Will definitely give it a try.

    1. Yes it was really important to choose product which are suitable for our skin =D

  17. i love this product too, no nonsense just directly meant for hydration and it really works

  18. The effect/ result can be seen after the first application. i love the product so much.

  19. wow this skin booster really helps your skin improved a lot! I also love to use it because it is quite hydrating and moisturizing to skin.

  20. Definitely an interesting packaging. Looks like it just came out from the hospital.

  21. wow! awesome result viewed from your skin, Sharon :) I am impressive with this Korean brand beauty products :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing