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Mamonde First Energy Essence and Serum

After attending the launch preview of Mamonde last month, I couldn't stop loving Mamonde product and been using them since then. This is the first time I heard about Mamonde and grow to learn more of their product. We got to try their Best Seller Mamonde First Energy Essence and Serum as well. I always love scented product which at first not too strong smell for me too. But their product give the just right of the scent that I like whenever I am using their product.

Continue to read why I love this product so much and what's so special about their First Energy Essence and Serum.

What's the different of First Energy Serum and First Energy Essence? Both actually has the same function for our skin. For Mamonde’s First Energy Essence (150ml) is a water type booster that gives you a refreshing feel upon application on the skin and is suitable for users with combination to oily skin while the First Energy Serum (100ml) is an emulsion type booster that provides nourishing and soothing effect to those with dry skin.

The main ingredients of Honey Suckle in this product is help to boost our skin for firmer and healthier skin. To be healthy even in a harsh skin environment, our skin too needs Labtobacillus. Lactobacillus and fermented flower vinegar from Honeysuckle help our skin become firmer and healthier!

Formulated with the Floral Biotics Technology, both the Mamonde First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum have recently been upgraded with the antioxidant Lactobacillus that is extracted from the Honeysuckle flowers. The Lactobacillus is blended together with the 1-year-old fermented “Flower Vinegar” to provide the skin with greater synergy effect, thus enhancing anti-oxidative activities beneath the skin. Besides that, the plant derived Lactobacillus also helps to promote skin’s immunity, leaving your skin less susceptible and more resilient to external aggression. 

Apart from this, this newly upgraded First Energy Essence and Serum is also made 81.31% from the 1-year-old fermented “Flower Vinegar” that aids in increasing the density of the skin for a transparent and uniform skin texture. To top it off, the “Flower Vinegar”, which is obtained through natural fermentation of all parts of the Honeysuckle flowers over a year, contains antioxidant Polyphenol that provides strong antioxidant effect to the skin.

Mamonde First Energy Serum comes in 100ml bottle. As for the Mamonde First Energy Essence come in 150ml bottle.

Mamonde First Energy Essence 150 ml

I love the cap design, with slight curvy shape of the petals.

Nicely seal packaging to secure the essence. It was a really convenient opening since you will just neeed to dab a few amount of essence to cotton pad or your palm and you are good to go!

Texture wise come in watery texture which is suitable for Combination to Oily Skin. This newly upgraded First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum - where it acts primarily as a booster to uplift your skin, giving you an overall healthier and suppler looking appearance.

It quickly penetrate and absorb to my skin, leaving my skin feeling fresh and more suppler! I actually love leaving my skin fresh and not sticky feel at all. 

Mamonde’s First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum should be used as the first-step in your skincare regime after cleanser and skin softener. 

Because both the essence and serum contain Honeysuckle’s “Flower Vinegar” Complex which ensures optimal skincare results and are therefore essential to obtain beautiful radiant skin. 

Mamonde First Energy Serum 100ml

Mamonde First Energy Serum is an emulsion type booster that provides nourishing and soothing effect to those with dry skin.

They have slight slimier and taller cap than First Energy Essence they only comes in 100 ml of serum. They have the curvy cap too!

But it comes in pump use which you can pump the amount of the serum you needed for your face.

Their texture are thicker and rich, suitable for Dry Skin to Normal Skin. If you need more moisture for your skin, you can choose Mamonde First Energy Serum.

The texture feeling really moisture even after I apply. It doesn't leave the stickiness feeling after apply but still it gives the moisture that our skin needed. If you are always stay in aircond indoor or outdoor working under sun, recommend to use their Mamonde First Energy Serum.

This first energy range best to use before you start your skin care regime with whatever skin care product you use. Upon application  of the First Energy Essence and Serum right after cleansing the face, you will experience double the effects of the following products in your skincare and makeup routine because they contains antioxidant Polyphenol that provides strong antioxidant effect to the skin.

Mamonde Brand Story
“Inspired by Flowers”
The flower, a sign of beauty and a symbol of grace; is also magical  with its ability to speak to the soul in a way which words cannot express. The blossoming flower, its colours and pleasant scent emits a natural inherent vitality and surging energy that  lifts  the  mood  and  comforts  the  heart.  But there’s much more to this extraordinary plant. 

AmorePacific Research Institute discovered the close relation between flowers and a woman’s beauty.  Advanced research was then carried out  on various flowers; from the root to its stem and petals to discover the amazing power and energy that the flowers possess. Findings reveal that flowers contain moisturising and skin-nourishing  ingredients  that  not  only  provide  nourishment  to the skin but also moisturize and balance oil production to maintain a vibrant skin. 

Years of research concludxoxoed with the  inception of a unique innovation and formulation that use floral extraction to re-invent beauty. AmorePacific named its innovation Mamonde, a brand that inspires feminine beauty with flowers through its flower science technology.

Both the products retail at RM 119 each and can be purchased at Mamonde’s first Beauty Counter in AEON Bandar Utama this August. 

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  1. i think I wanna try this serum ^^ thanks for sharing babe^^

  2. I'd used the sample I got from Korea too! Their products are really mild and good for sensitive skin!

  3. Read great comments about the product. Now the girls have a lot more choices to choose from. Hehe.

  4. Still waiting to finish a couple of products before starting on my mamonde.. loving this brand and cannot wait for the whole range to arrive in Malaysia

    1. You can use this as this is recommend to use before you start your skin care regime =D

  5. First time heard about this brand but it looks great. Will try it out soon.

  6. I really like this First Energy Essence! It does really moisture up my skin! :D

  7. Another new choice added into the list.. Gonna check this out on my next trip to Korea! :D

  8. I agree with you that the serum and essence are easily absorbed by our skin. I feel refresh after using it :) Btw, your photo is nice, dear!

    1. Yes Keep loving it since then =D Thanks babe!

  9. this is so great! i love flower scent. <3

  10. ahhh.. so many great products out there... love the packaging though..

  11. The products looks great and I love their packaging!

  12. First time heard about this brand!!! Look so many blogger give good review for that!!

  13. I fall in love with Mamonde products. The smell of the flower is nice. I will definitely buy it.

  14. I love their concept so much and looking forward to try their product cos I haven't started trying yet.
    Love your photos by the way!!

    1. I have start using it! It was definitely a nice product =D Thanks!

  15. packaging looks beautiful and have heard good reviews about it.

  16. I like its packaging with flower attached inside, feel so spring and warm :)

  17. I also heard about this brand for the first time after reading from bloggers. Hope to try it out some day.

  18. I cant wait for the store to open in August.

  19. the product is not bad at all, i want to try out all the range later

  20. I haven't start to use eh.. >< Recently sick and my face also become sensitive. Not dare to try new product..

    1. I bet their product is light for our skin =D

  21. i like the colours.. so orangey and cheerful


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