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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear Day 4 @ Pavilion KL

Back to Day 4 at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016 at Pavilion KL. Day 4 and Day 5 will is a weekend where I can enjoying most of the Fashion Runway too. This time, the weekend show is the BEST! We have Kittie Yiyi, Celest Thoi, Jimmy Lim to see too! I'm not gonna miss all these designer shows too. 

Once again I want to thanks, SmallnHot to let me have the chance to watch all the Fashion Runway that I like! I never thought of this year I have the chance to be at KLFWRTW 2016 again. 

For the Day 4 Runway, We have Kit Woo, Kittie YIYI, Megat Alfie, Thavia, Zakwan Anuar and D.D Collective for the 3pm show. Total of 6 Fashion Runway during my first show on Day 4. The crowds are more pack compared to the weekday's show. 

Kit woo showcases Men Fashion. This year KLFW I notice that they have more Men Fashion Brand too. It feels new for me as I never been to a Men Fashion Runway. It was quite a new experience for me attend this year KLFW. 

The Jacket and Coat caught my attention. Super minimalism, cool but yet shows the creativity of the designer. The main color you'll see is White, Black, and Grey.

More details here.

Next up is Kittie Yiyi show, I am here all over for just her shows. If you are a youngster in social media or fashion line, you will definitely know her name, know about her. Just started to follow her since 2014 and love her bubbly personalities in her collection, makeup, and her life.

She is a stand out star I would say. Whenever she goes, everyone notices her. 

When I know that this year Kittie Yiyi shows is on the weekend, I am so overwhelmed because I can finally see her collection live in a runway.

This Kittie Yiyi SS17 collection in the KLFW, is way so pretty and into me as I am a sucker for all these pastel color. I didn't really notice it's theme for the collection until my Boyfriend beside me say it's ocean theme. With the song theme they choose, it exactly what it is. This collection wins so much in the sequins and for most Kittie Yiyi comes out their first Men Fashion Collection too. With Brian See start and end her runway is the perfect collaboration ever.

That's why you can see I took quite lots of pic of Kittie Yiyi collection.

More details from here.

Malay local fashion designer for Men Muslim wear. 

More details from here.

Thavia's collection amaze me too! The color of the collection is mature but it's able to create casual and daily looks for women. This collection outfit is what every woman can be wear.  The flare loose material and the design is so comfy too. 

More details here.

You see this KL based Fashion Designer sure know how to spice out Men's wear out from color. Love the checkers and red color details he uses in this collection. The collection manages to catch my attention and its was out of minimalism but pretty catchy pieces as well.

More details here.

D.d Collective is my another favorite show is this runway too! The pattern caught my attention and see the dress above. Wasn't it looks super cute with the greenery pattern on the dress? I know it's slightly blurry but still wanted to show you guys how much I love this dress.

Find their collection here.

At night, I stay back until 7pm show. I meet one of my favorite Artist from NTV7, Amber Chia and my one of Malaysia Youtuber Charis Ow too. Feeling so hype and happy enough when I see them and get to take a photo with them too! Charis Ow are all dolled up for the Runway.

7pm Runway starts with Celest Thoi x Sarakichi. The collection was all about Pastel and Tulle skirt which is super sweet and princess collection. Suitable for bridesmaids wear.

Celest Thoi's collection here.

Wanpa Runway starts off strong with Tinie and ends with a feminine style of Tinie. Overall Wanpa has the most challenge collection I ever saw, from Sports to Casual and to Bridal wear collection. 

Details of the collection here.

Hayden Koh Collection is more to minimalism, with black and white color create cocktail and evening dresses. The pieces were really straight forward but it creates the harmony and clean details in this collection.

Details of the collection here.

We have Jimmy Lim Collection to end the 7pm shows. This Wildflower Superstar S/S '17 from Jimmy Lim is a playful wild collection but remain the color all in a dark, gold mystery color. 

Details of the Collection here

I still manage to photos with more NTV7 Artist. Both are really pretty, feel like a super fan here in the middle.

Although I feel super sad I miss out the chance to meet Kittie Yiyi in person after her 3pm runway, but after I saw her snap chat was here for the 7pm show. I was literally happy and excited like a girl. Quickly followed her and manage to take this photo together with her. Felt like a dream came true!! Kittie Yiyi you're the best and hope to see your collection up in stores soon. So that I can buy your collection home wahahaha.


Watch my Day 4 Video here. Just let you guys know that the photos I post on my blog and record in the video is different. Make sure you watch this Video until the end. Finally finish my Day 4 post till here, see you guys in my Day 5 post to KLFWRTW 2016. Till then.


Read here for more info about my KLFWRTW 2016 Journey.



  1. May be ready to wear but not very practical to wear, I have to say. I do love attending fashion shows, however, as eye candy. HEHEHE

    1. Overall it was a happening and eye opening event for me =D

  2. Wow, so nice can attend these kind of fashion event! Can see the trend now & many pretty models too!

  3. super fashionable can. :) nice pictures taken at the event.

    1. Thanks Isaac! Just manage to pick some nice pic ><

  4. looks gorgeous!!!I love Kittie Yiyi design too!!

  5. Love ur look for the show!
    My favourites are Kittie Yiyi and Wanpa. They looks so interesting and love the ruffles and lace details.

    1. awww Thanks Everest! Yes me too =D Both of their show brings our strong characteristic and creativity of the designer =D

  6. The fashion show was stunning , I was there too ...

  7. This event looks very happening. The models look like a dream and clothes very stylish.

    1. Yes it was! I basically love all the show for Day 4 =D

  8. The clothes are so fashionable. Nice photos taken there.

  9. Wow, the clothes look so nice! Got one that look like rainbow color. So sweet

  10. Wow, I thought most fashions shows only for show, not practical to wear. But your pictures show most of them very pretty and nice to wear, I especially like Jimmy and Haydenkoh.

    1. Yea! I believe so some of their pieces is really classic!


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