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My Favorite Online Shopping Platform through Ezbuy!

Today I will gonna share some of my shopping experience via Ezbuy. I've been a faithful shopper and buyer from Ezbuy for 3 years and still continue on. So far there is non-unhappy shopping experience with Ezbuy. I love their service, their website is super user-friendly, you can find so many affordable products from Ezbuy.

Why do I use Ezbuy? I used to love Taiwan Fashion and when I first encounter Ezbuy is they can help me to buy outfits from Taiwan fashion website. Since then I can't stop myself shopping through Ezbuy. From this year onwards, I even start to use Ezbuy to buy clothes, bags, accessories and even shoes too!

Upon the homepage, you can start shopping by browsing the category of the product.

Women's Clothing category, you can filter out to the specific category you want to shop. Tick on Cash Off or Prime to check out different deals that Ezbuy offered. On a shopping budget? Don't worry you can even filter by the price range you want too!

I love to shop base on Hot Channel where they filter out the different style of outfits you want!

Let me take you on a quick pictorial on how to shop at Ezbuy website. Choose your want to buy an item from Ezbuy. The 颜色分类 is the color of the product whereas 尺寸 is the size of the product.

1. & 2. Choose the color and size of your product. (Mandatory to select)
3. Click Add to Cart

You will see your product appear in the right column shopping cart. Click Check Out.

1. Next, above tab is where your product is from, Prime, China, USA, Taiwan and Local.
2. You can choose your own Shipping Method from here. I love this new format selection where you can check on the ETA for your product. All shipping charges and ETA are set accordingly feel free to check on their Shipping and Charges guide.
3. Input your credit and coupon code | Voucher
4. Check out

This is new to me too! I love how Ezbuy gradually upgraded their platform to more and more user-friendly and more visible to the customer when shopping at Ezbuy!

Input your preferable delivery address. Note that delivery fee is charge differently base in your region.

We at the last step! Order summary is for you to take the last check on your order.

1. Shipping Fee (From China to Malaysia)
2. Domestic Delivery Fee (From Malaysia to Your home)
3. Prepay Balance (Remaining credit balance in your account)
4. Add Insurance to the Parcel (in case of Parcel Lost)

Click Pay Now, Ta dang and your order has been submitted.

Another must reason you will definitely need to check in out! That is the PRIME deals that Ezbuy offer on their website. 

What is Prime?

Prime RM8.80 Unlimited Shipping

Regardless of parcel size, weight and quantity, ship everything at only RM8.80 per checkout. 

Prime eligible items are clearly marked. Just look out for the icon or PRIME (homepage) when you are shopping with us. Or use Prime filter when you browse through categories.

Still don't get it? Refer the image above to get the example of Prime Benefits! The total weight of 31KG from PRIME you just need to pay for RM8.80! Basically, at PRIME they ship Everything only at RM8.80 Nett for International Shipping Fee.

Lastly, I would love to share this code "ezfriend15" where you can get 15% off shipping fee. If you are a New Ezbuyer, you can register via here & you can get RM15 Voucher into your Ezbuy account.

You can now register here for Prime Trial too. Limited to only daily 1st 100 register user. Don't miss your chance to get RM8.80 Shipping Fee when you shop through PRIME!

Click to start SHOPPING now! 


Prime Land



  1. good share, your guidance and explanation is so clear and easily understood! i am gonna register this online shopping website! ^^

  2. Heard about this alot. But my favourite web to buy from taobao is SGShop. EZbuy is good alternative too.

  3. Interesting, looks like Taobao kind of e-commerce store. Worth checking it out I guess. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great Website for online shopping , the malaysia Taobao , i'm gonna broke soon ..

  5. Wow~ Thanks for sharing. Will check it out soon.

    1. Thanks babe!! You will definitely love this =D

  6. it sure is a bit confusing but I think I get it now is not too bad and I am going to try buy some stuff here too as the prices of clothes and all is more affordable right... then here...

    1. It sure confuse but it turns better when you get use to it =D

  7. I really enjoyed shopping at Taobao through EZBuy. I still have some credit in my account but can't find the time to browse through yet.

  8. I used to wait for the free agent fee from ezbuy haha! but now the prime price seems reasonable too

  9. Thank you for sharing EZbuy as I looking for affordable dresses for my bridesmaid.

  10. I have done some online shopping on this platform before and the process is pretty smooth. Love that they have implemented the shipping rate, now it looks like we can shop for any amount that we would want :)

    1. I love how they gradually upgrade their website =D

  11. wow...i love to shop at ezbuy as well!!! Low price and good service!!

  12. Wahh, tak pernah shopping sini. Ada juga tengok-tengok, memang murah maybe sebab dari china. so macam lambat sikit la dapat kan. hehehe worth to wait i guess. hehe

    1. So far don't worry la! The shipping from china is pretty fast these day =D

  13. wow such a nice platform! the delivery charge is unbelievably cheap! would love to try it out!!

    1. If you choose and buy your things wisely definitely help save a lot!

  14. Thanks for sharing this Sharon!!
    I love alot of the clothings that you have bought from Tao Bao!


  15. I recently tried ezbuy and loved the experience. Much like yours..

  16. To be brutally honest, their rates are reasonable but their service sucks.

    1. So far their service is getting slower which was quite disappointed =(

  17. Didn't know about this EzBuy until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  18. it's pretty convenient for me to shop on this site too. just need to watch out a bit here and there and read the fine lines well

  19. i love ezybuy too! haha. say goodbye to my money

  20. Ezbuy eh? I'm so used to using Lazada, even though there are so many other new options out there.

  21. Looks like really a good platform for online shopping. I was busy lately as need to survey which online shopping platform will be easy and awesome for me as I had a lil bad experience with TaoBao. Maybe it's time for me to try out EzBuy.


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