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THE THERAPY First Serum & Moisture Blending Cream @ The Face Shop

Ohai my fellow readers, today will be blogging about a beauty product that you will definitely not to miss it. I have the chance to try out THE THERAPY Range from The Face Shop. It was my first time collaborate with The Face shop and trying out their product. 

All the while The Face Shop is always known as the brand that shares the benefits of nature. The natural ingredient harmlessly permeates deeply into the skin, a formula that allows the essence of nature penetrates into the skin. I love how The Face Shop always shares the benefits of nature. It gives confident to us, customer to use their product. As we know that, the dust and impurities from the air can harm our skin. Is important to protect your skins from all the harmful UV Light, impurities, and dirt.

Now The Face Shop brings together science and the perfection of nature to deliver the best for your skin. The Therapy skincare range is a European blending formula-based skincare that delivers excellent anti-aging effects on the skin. 

Formulated with 200-year-old natural blending therapy from Europe, "The Therapy" is bottled up with the sweat of Marches' very own hand-made manufacturing method. The natural blending method first became known to the world by scholars who studied medicine in the 19th Century. Condensed into 135 hand-blended recipes that vary in botanical ingredients (marigold, olives, and bay leaf etc) and processing techniques, it is used as a means to beautify for over 200 years.

I love love the packaging of this THE THERAPY BOX that contains THE THERAPY First Serum and THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream. Both of the product display and pack in a beautiful and classy packaging from The Face Shop. 

Even both of the product is really so pretty and elegant. It was my ever first time to have such elegant skin care product. Can I just keep and view for display.

THE THERAPY First Serum 130ml RM 148.29 (Inclusive of GST)

Love this super elegant and slim packaging design for this First Serum. This product available at all The Face Shop stores in September 2016.

Details of the packaging.

I love they have this measurement beside. It was so vintage and like a ruler measurement for the product.

Pump Nozzle is very convenient to use since you can control the amount of the product you need to use.

The texture of THE THERAPY First Serum. It was really watery and different from any serum I have that comes in more rich and thicker texture. 

The first swipe of my hand. Although it was watery, but it does not absorb to my hand immediately. See all the transparent and sparkling texture on my hand. 

Second swipe and WOLA the serum absorb into my skin without leaving my skin oily or too sticky. It is known that THE THERAPY First Serum is the first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil. This in results restoring balance to our skin, provides skin suppleness and a glowing complexion. Make sure you use THE THERAPY First Serum before applying any of your skincare before hand! 

Loving using this THE THERAPY First Serum on my face after cleansing my face. Because this serum can help balance my skin and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any skincare products after applied.

First, Pump the amount of the serum that you need.
Second, Gently massage with both hands.
Thirdly, Gently Pat all over your face.
Forth, Done!

THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream 50ml RM185.48 (Inclusive of GST)

Details of the Packaging. Love its blueish transparent packaging and the matte glossy cap. 

A safe seal lid after open the product.

Compare to THE THERAPY First Serum, this moisture blending cream is formulated in two layers. For the top layer, it contains lightweight essential oil, transparent color whereas the intense moisturizing cream, white creamy color is at the bottom layer of the product.

Mix the essential oil and moisturizing cream together. So that we can enjoy the best of the essential oil and intense moisturizing cream when we apply on our skin.

Applying THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream on my hand. The texture is not too strong or rich but it feels kinda luxurious texture that quickly melts into our skin for hydration. Love this cream a lot! 

Feel my hand so moisture and hydrate after using both THE THERAPY range products.

First, Using the mixing tools to blend the cream.
Second, Scoop some of the cream on your hand.
Thirdly, Apply evenly all over your face.
Forth, Massage your neck too if you have extra cream on face.
Fifth, Done!

Both of the products are available all of THE FACE SHOP stores in Malaysia.

Besides, THE THERAPY Range series product in the box packaging, I got one small pouch too!

Overall I am in love with both of the products. Since this range of products is really moisture and nourishing to our skin, please take note and don't over nourish your skin. But if your skin is not hydrated enough, it might cause fine lines and wrinkles formulation. 

So far I use the First Serum for Night time use before applying any skin care products and cause no breaks out for me. My skin is Normal to Dry skin. As for the blending cream, I dare not use it daily but 2-3 days per week before sleep. My skin is easy to dry in my cheek and forehead area where fine line pops up more often. I will use more on my forehead area to prevent any fine line formation.

It's never too early to take care of your skin with the Anti-Aging product, it might be too young for me to try. I am half to 30 Years Old already. But for me it's better to prevent than sorry, just balance out the usage of the product for Day and Night time use. 

The Face Shop



  1. Got to love The Face Shop's packaging - they are amazing when it comes to their design for each range. The serum seems quite lovely too, will certainly look forward to giving mine a go :)

    1. Yes I agree =D I am glad I manage to try this new series!

  2. wah i think i wanna try the serum, i need an anti-aging prooduct for my skin !

  3. What a great review this is. Although I don't follow the products of The Face Shop, you are making me curious about them. Plan to try them soon.

  4. Love the packaging! Like how they put a measuring scale on the bottle :)

  5. I have to say I love the packaging.. it does look very classy and I won't mind trying it out... because everyone knows the face shop is a great Korean brand too... right

  6. The packaging is adorable. I'm always on the lookout for good moisturizing products so will check this out the next time I see The Face Shop

    1. Moisturizing Products is really good for our skin =D

  7. the products seem nice! Thanks for suggesting. I will check it out at the store

  8. can I stop my aging at 25yrs old? Too bad I don't have this product when I am 25 yrs old T.T

  9. I would love to try THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream, seem great to be use.

  10. I get to try on it during HerWorld magazine workshop. It easy to absord into my skin and I love it.

  11. what an interesting name.. therapy. I feel therapeutic already just reading this post. I'm refreshed! :D

    1. It definitely feel that way after using their product!

  12. saw a lot of you reviewing this products! Sounds promising!

  13. wow...looks so moisture!!! I would like to try it out!!

  14. It's been a long time since I last use The Face Shop due to many Korean brand in the market now, but these new series looks like a must try!

  15. I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

  16. I may sound biased but I have always known to be attracted to anything in blue hues so this products grabbed my attention immediately. And for the serum not oily will suit my skin just nice.

    1. Really!! Then this will definitely suits you XD

  17. Quick absorbing and non oily, i should try this out too!

  18. I am a loyal fans of the face shop but I am using another new series, anti-aging series is currently no suitable to me yet, haha, I gonna blog it soon also :)

  19. I definitely like the packaging of this brand - also happy that their prices seem pretty reasonable too!

  20. love the packaging as it looks really good, actually my eyes is also focused on your beautiful jacket, clouds! love it

  21. I love The Face Shop': products! It always works really well for me and some of their things are pretty affordable too. These ones look quite expensive though :p

    1. Because it has upgraded formula and anti-aging effects!


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