Back to beauty post in my blog, it's been a while since I introduce beauty products in my blog. Today I will need to introduce this KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic in my post. Have you ever stain your lipstick all over the place? I have this experience of staining my lipstick when I eat or drink, which makes me quite uncomfortable when I was enjoying my drink and my food.

I can't believe that KOSÉ actually comes out with this magic lip gel which actually helps to lock the lipstick color and prevent lip stain all over the place. I need to introduce this magic lip gel will surely surprise you!

The product is true to its quote "Hot lips don't stain"!

We also get to try one their Esprique Lipstick from KOSE too! It was a perfect combo to use it both together.

Here's come our main character of the post.

Lip Gel Magic is KOSÉ's most powerful lipstick coating gel yet. Do you know why?

Because with only one single swipe, this maximum-strength lipstick top coat gel protects your lip color from fading, even after drinking or eating. The semi-opaque, fragrance-free gel works with any of your favorite stick-type lipsticks, locking in the color of your lipstick and making it last longer. Your lips stays perfectly defined all day long and keeps your lips moisturized with KOSE Lip Gel Magic.

I will apply this ESPRIQUE RO 690 Bright Lasting Rouge lipstick from KOSÉ. I rarely use such bright fuschia lip color but this lipstick has this really pretty bright and high pigmented color.

After applying the lipstick, it's time to leave some lip stain on the cup.

Woops lip stain left on the cup, it was really not a polite way of drinking. You can clearly see that the lipstick stain are very obvious and not a good view of seeing this after you drink.

Time to apply this KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic!

The texture was a bit oily and moisturize to the lips too. I feel like a lip protection over the lipstick after I apply.

Direction to use

1. After applying your lipstick, give the lip gel magic tube a good shake with the cap on. Ensure the gel within turns semi-transparent after shaking.
2. Press a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice, onto your fingertip.
3. Apply KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic evenly over your lipstick. Don't forget the corners of your mouth and the inside of your lips too.

Time to try out the stain! You can see that the lip stain is much lighter and barely can be seen! I actually can't believe it, although I didn't record any video on this. But somehow the results really amaze me and this KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic contains a super lasting ingredient that latches onto the lipstick color and holds it in place. That means no more smudging!

The texture of both of the product. There are few tips for you to know how to maximize the use of KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic.

Rubbing your lips together repeatedly or touching them with your fingers may cause creasing.
For maximum transfer-proof results, use together with KOSE lipstick. Other formulas (such as liquid rouge) may not produce the best outcome.

I love how this KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic makes lipstick not transferable! No more faded lipstick after meals. It also does magic on preventing lipstick from staining your clothes too. Not only that it contains moisturizing ingredients like squalane and Hyaluronic acid keep your lips kissably soft too! 

I am so gonna get this and use this as often as possible when I have my lipstick on! It can be as my double lip moisturizer after lipstick too! Since it non-transferable too, it was way convenient for me to use!

For more details kindly check their page for more updates!

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  1. Looks amazing!!! <3 <3 I think this is the first brand that came out with this kind of product is it?

  2. Feel wanna get 1 kose lip gel magic after reading your post. Haha...

  3. That looks like a great colour! Yes it can be pretty annoying when lipstick slides off - will bear this in mind if I need something like this in the future!

  4. Sounds like a product. Good to know it works for you. Of late, I've started using Matte lipsticks of late and they don't have this transfer problem much.

    1. Yea! Matte Lipstick started to famous the year of 2016!

  5. I am so going to get this!!
    Its irritating to keep on leaving lipstick stain on my cups.

  6. What a good idea it is to lock lipstick with the gel rather than leave lipstick stains all over the place. This gel magic should have been invented long ago. HAHAHA

  7. this is oh so pretty... wish I can try it also....

  8. no more lip stain! that is a good thing. every lipstick lovers need to have this.

  9. Never know Kose has lip Gel. I love the pink color. I love " No stain" concept . Will give a try on it when drop by Kose Counter.

  10. lovely product from Kose! I love it too hehe

  11. i wanted to try this lip gel for quite sometime already.....look like very good result!

  12. Omg this is so pretty, I can't wait to try out their lip gel.

  13. The Colour of the lip stain is pigmented on the lips but amazing that it doesn't stain the cup
    As much!

  14. So nice the lip gel magic. Later can try. Love the colors!