Hello everyone is the time of the year to review and recap the previous year! Although 2015 is not a good year for me as there's a lot of ups and downs happened during the year. However, I still believe and trust that everything will soon become better in the year of 2016. Eventually, I believe so and yes everything is better in my life! Although it was not perfect, I mean not everyone life is perfect, but I can say that 2016 is a pre-transition year for my next stage of life and 2017 is going to be something bigger!

Looking through my best nine photos of the year 2016 is all about me and food! I can see that I change a lot throughout the year 2016. I learn a lot of makeup, went to Japan one of my favorite countries, eat a lot of good food during the year and gain some weight along the journey too. Feeling so unmotivated to exercise too because of the busy life I am having right now. But still here's the recap of my 2016 moving on to 2017! 

Bleaching hair for the year of 2017 is another biggest challenge for me too!

February 2016

Opps I got engage during Valentine's day!! Somehow I keep forget about this and often ask my boyfriend where do we celebrate our last year Valentines ah? what do we do ah? LOL Then my boy will be like 


I'm really sorry because I just got away with lots of thing in my mind until I keep forget. Even now I did not wear my engagement ring or so because it was way too precious to me. Since I am the careless and forgetful girl I would be, it's better for me to just keep it safe in my locker! Oh wait I even deleted the proposal video and my bf handphone just got formatted. LOL

BTW the memory was really precious to me too, I'm glad(luckily) I am able to record this memory on my blog! 

Read here to know more.

March to April 2016

Moving on to the end of March to April, I manage to visit Cherry Blossom in Tokyo!! I research a lot and always dream to visit cherry blossom when I saw many people posted about how beautiful the cherry blossom are. I am glad that my boyfriend agrees to accompany me to go even though Japan is not in the list of the country he wanted to visit.

I bet he never regretted also! We enjoy a lot ourselves in this journey, they have this saying that when you go to a journey with your another half, you will know whether he is your true love or not! hahaha We have ups and down during the journey too but the most importantly is keep staying together no matter what happened.

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May 2016

In May 2016, we went to Pulau Perhentian and we decided to DIY our own pre-wedding photo by the beach since we are both beach lover. I am glad we are able to make this happened and thanks to my love! 

Click here to see more photos

August 2016

During August, I win all passes to KLFW 2016 from smallnhot.com! Which I was really happy and thrilled over it, although not sure gonna join KLFW 2017 again but I really hope I made it as well. So yeah fingers crossed.

Read here for more details.

I guess that's all for my Highlight of 2016, which I get to propose and engaged. Moving on, I will elaborate and share my thoughts on what I achieve in 2016.

In Work

I admit that my responsibility getting heavier and time for my blog is getting lesser too. I get tired and stress after work. Don't ever say that blogging is easy, is never and will not be easy. It's required a lot of thinking, energy, and mood to blog every post. I manage to pull it through lots of work and blog post throughout the peak time of my work. Manage to give me a long rest during Christmas and Year End Holiday. 

In Life

My family is my biggest responsible of my life. Even though I still annoyed with my mom nag and my silent brother at home. But to them, I love and appreciate them a lot!!

To the love of my life, I am really grateful and appreciate your love to me. Although I keep complaints and random nagging on you but still you manage to be patient to me and still loves me like you always do. We are gonna be husband and wife soon, hopefully we can enjoy the preparation journey together. I hope that one day you will able to let go and hold hand together with me in the future.

Love you so much that seeing you every day is not enough for me!

Pray for God's blessing and we will able to walk through this journey with God.

Moving on 2017, I will be getting married soon. I was pretty anxious when I think about it and can't really know what is going to happen after my married life as well. So yeah, 2017 is another great and challenging year for me. Struggling between marriage preparation, work, blog and personal life will definitely be my greatest challenge of my life. Pray for smooth preparation and patient heart throughout the journey of 2017. Send some loves and prayer to me too!

In Friends

My first ever trips with a group of blogger's friend!!! Who says bloggers cannot have true friendship!! So we are like a group of friends together not talk about blogging but we love to talk about life, travel, and what we love to do. It was really fun travelling together with them and it was a really awesome experience and hope for more trips!

Meet new friend throughout my blogging journey such as Shin May, which eventually we planned out our BFF outfit together whenever we hang out. It was quite funny and cute to have someone having the same outfit together. We are having quite lots of fun whenever we hang out together.

Moving on, meet my dearest girl Adeline, haha haha ha! I think we are just so close and understand each other whenever we talk and meet up together. We have the almost same thought and interest, and although her facebook page is quite a hit, but through her, I can feel her passion, her humbleness and even her hardwork whenever she does things. So yeah I love her a lot in case you guys don't know.

In Blog

I am still growing and get to expose more and more reviews and invitation. Truly I tell you guys, I did miss out a lot of awesome reviews and opportunity but I can't actually blame and get sad about it. Because life still move on and I am really grateful that even though I am not really attentive to my blog fully. But there are also PRs that are really good and a lot of good opportunity for me to share on my blog too!

Also, my blog gonna hits 1 MILLION VIEWS soon guys!! I am pretty happy and excited about it, so please support and read my blogs more. Although I hope that I can hit 1 mil before 2017 but too bad it doesn't but nevertheless I am pretty happy with the growing spike of my blog. 

Thanks Everyone for you support! My dear readers, silent readers and fellow bloggers too!


having migraine since Monday urgh


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  1. What a year you had! I hope that you will have an even better year in 2017. Congrats on your impending wedding.

  2. Congrats on your future marriage! I think you nailed the challenge of bleaching your hair! Really love your unconventional hair color

  3. Hey Sharon you've gotnan awesome and magical 2016! Congratulations on your engagement and yey for the coming wedding day :) we are all excited for you!

  4. Wow so many great achievements last year. Congrats and best wishes on your wedding!

    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  5. To a greater 2017, Happy New Year Sharon :)

  6. 2016 really brings a lot of memories to you. Congratulation babe. Nice Wedding photo shoot.

  7. what an eventful year... happy for you... keep it up and may 2017 be more awesome

  8. OMG! Congrats! I didnt know that you already engage. Please dont get stress during the preparation, and enjoy! :)

  9. congrats on ur wedding dear!may you have a blissful marriage!

  10. such an eventful 2016...I hope my 2017 will be as lively and happening..hope 2017 will have loads of things in store for you.. <3

  11. Wow! Awesome 2016 you had! Thanks for sharing your 2016 journey with us. And I met you in person before 2016 ended ;) Let's have a fabulous 2017! cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Yes! Nice to meet you Sienny =D Same to you too!

  12. naww, to another great year ahead for you my dear. Im sure all those moments were very precious to you. To making more memories :)

  13. Congratulations on your wedding! Blissful 2016, Better 2017! All the best!

  14. Omg! Congratulations for being engaged! I think that's really the highlight of your year 2016! :)