Hey snowies, if you had read the previous post about my haul at Althea - Althea Box [Trendy Box] Smart Beauty Tool Box. I received few products from this box and this post I will be doing a test and try on the Pro Skin-adhering Foundation Brush and the Heart Shape Brush which I got it from the Smart Beauty Tool Box.

I will share more of my after use and how do I think about the Brush I use it on my face. Both brushes have their own finishing texture on my skin. Which I can't deny that I actually like both of this brushed. Read more to know why do I say so.

Here I show my full bare naked face. Before skin look which is looking dull, the most affected area will be the dark eye circle which is always troubling me. Some of the uneven skin tone around the cheek area.

Today I will be focusing on this Pro Skin-adhering Foundation Brush and It's top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation. I am pretty sad that It's top Professional Touch Finish Correcting Foundation do not sell separately in Althea. The coverage and formula were really impressive.

If you guys have been following me, you would have known me that I always use BB Cushion as a foundation all the while. This was my first time trying out something different than BB Cushion. When I first using it, I love that it was easy to absorb the foundation with the brush. You can see that the amount of the foundation I manage to put on my hand with its brush.

You can also apply the inner brush straight on your face. Since I preferred to be more hygiene, I decide to put it on my hand and use Pro Skin-adhering Foundation Brush to dab the foundation. Next just simple swipe over your cheek and face area.

A short video of how I apply the foundation all over my face.

Overall I was quite impressed with the coverage of it after apply on my skin. Although the brush did not absorb the foundation as much as you see in the picture. But with just a few application, the foundation are able to apply the half of my face. I like that with a few dab on the Pro Skin-adhering Foundation Brush the foundation coverage is really good and perfectly adhere to my face.

Just a few application.

Show you guys all the view of my face. I can say that the coverage is really good and buildable too. It does not dry my skin and gives a dewy healthy looking skin too. I was amazed that the results are the same as when I apply the BB cushion on my face.

The size of the brush.

Here's the video to show you guys how soft the bristles are. It does feel a bit itchy on the face but for me is still fine and acceptable. The bristles are easy to spread the foundation on your skin and gives you a clear and smooth foundation too!

Next, is time for blusher! Here's the Lovely Pink Heart Multi-Volume Brush.  From powder, blush, contour, to highlighter, the brush is multifunctional however you want! I can call it as an All-in-One brush for any powder application.

I will use my favorite Pony Effect 4 in 1 palette to apply the blush on my cheek.

Just simply dab the Lovely Pink Heart Multi-Volume Brush on the blusher, you can see the beautiful blush color on the brush itself. If you wish to read more review on my Pony Effect Contour palette, read it here.

Simply love how easy to apply! Wait since it was in a heart shape as well, it was a good tool for a pretty selfie too.

A short video on how easy to apply beautiful and natural blush with this Lovely Pink Heart Multi-Volume Brush. 

Since it can use it as for highlight and shading as well, here's how you easily use the brush to apply.

That's all for my review of my favorite brush from Althea! Hope you guys like it too and definitely worth every penny you buy because it was really cheap and affordable too. Plus it was really convenient and easy to just apply on your face. 

Can't deny that I am a lazy girl and both of this brush helps me to save time and shorten my make time too!

If you plan to head to Althea Korea for some shopping spree, now is the chance for you to get RM30 + RM5 for all new member register via this link here.



Till Then.


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  1. I like the pink heart shaped brush. Will probably get two. One for using, one for keeping.

  2. looks good and easy to use. this tool I don't have for makeup.

  3. such cute brushes... but I sakai a bit.. use sponge, beauty blender or fingers only... hahahah

  4. i don't really use brush for my make up. I just apply it to my face using my fingers. i know it's not hygienic, but using brushes takes quite some times. Maybe i need to practice more haha

    1. Sometimes it really take times to practice and get use to it =)

  5. seems like a good product. would love to give it a try!

  6. Wootz! I love shopping at Althea, going to check out their makeup brush soon.

  7. Those two brushes are soo kawaii! Althea korea perfectly knows how to makes us feel loved!

  8. The brush our makeup more convenient and easy. I always wan to try brush and not sure the review is good or not. After reading you review, feel more confident to buy it.