Ohai time for a break and post about the Weekend Outfit Post in my blog! I almost forget about this outfit, just to heads up I didn't shoot a lot of outfit look with my new hair look. Since the hair coloring that I choose can only maintain for about 2 weeks, which I requested it because I was planning a beach getaway soon, and the thing with the sea water is it will wash away your color bleaching very fast. Therefore when I go for the hair coloring, I bring out the concern I have and they suggest me to go for a short term hair coloring. 

But if you still want to see the purple hair color, you can always approach and I can show you the inner part of my hair which is still purple! If you interested to know where did I dye my hair, you can read here for more info.

This was a really random outfit which I didn't plan out. Since I am running out of new outfit to wear, so I just grab a white top and short pants that I bought during Chinese New Year. Ever since I bought the shorts, I am struggling to think of what kind of top I should match with. White color apparently is the safest color to match with.

Since it was a plain black and white outfit, with the embroidery pants I bring along my embroidery black jacket to match this complete embroidery look.

Love this background of this look! Too bad it was mosquitoes area, which I got few bites after few shots of the look.

Wearing a simple white top to complete this embroidery look. Since the embroidery patches were pretty stand out with colorful details. If I am stuck with how to match my outfit, black and white is always my first choice idea.

Love this candid shot where everything was on point!

Just wanna do a shoutout on my make up of the day as well. Recently I purchase the peachy collection from Colourpop, which is my current favorites make up for now. It was my first-time purchase from LA and luckily the parcel arrived safely!

I was using one of their peachy collection Ultra Satin Lipstick. The outcome might look pale on me, but I just love the outcome on me. I start to wear it out more often too! I will try to spend time on doing one blog with my recent Colourpop collection soon.

Outfit Details

Jacket | Twmall
Pants | Twenty3
White Top | H&M
Flats | Jelly Bunny

Till Then.
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  1. I just love embroidery stuff! It´s so pretty :3
    You look stunning! Lovely photos ❀

    * Le blog de la Licorne *