Today will be sharing about a relaxation spa place that all of us needed. The Lavish spa is all in one relaxation spa place. You can find there's a lot of activities here to do at the Lavish spa, such as jacuzzi, swimming pool, spa, unlimited lunch, movie and internet access too. Now the trick, you can enjoy all of the services in Lavish with only RM48. 

Can I even stay here? What if you plan to overnight here? Everything is included though, you can always nap and sleep at their lounge area too. If you need a short relax and chill getaway, in Lavish Spa you can easily achieve it too!

Your belongings locker area. Their security is really top notch, where you can only open your locker whenever the worker there tags along with you. Let's start with their jacuzzi and sauna room facilities.

The Men and Women facilities are separated. When you enter the jacuzzi are which you will get wet and sweaty here, you will have to keep your electronics gadget keep away from you. Here is where you lock your handphone away.

In here, where you can take a shower after the jacuzzi or sauna room. You can find hair dryer, shampoo and all the necessities we need as a girl. 

Jacuzzi area where you can enjoy the jacuzzi massage in the pool itself. I enjoy my relax and steaming moment at the jacuzzi pool too. 

Shower and Bathroom.

In case you are dehydrated after the jacuzzi or sauna session, you can always feel free to pour yourself a cup of water in this corner. 

When I am at Lavish Spa, I can feel myself at ease because they have everything prepare for us. Without any stress or burden moment, You can find yourself truly enjoy the service and able to relax here at Lavish Spa.

Bathrobes and Towels.

Outdoor swimming pool is available too!

As for full body massage, manicure, pedicure or even facial, you will need to pay extra charges for these services. 

Besides the relaxing in the jacuzzi or swimming pool, there are some indoor and dryer activities such as internet area for you to surf the internet. I like that in Lavish Spa they even put priorities for the ladies, which are a lounge room for ladies only. As for movie room, which is open for everyone. Their seats are super comfy, each comes with a blanket where you can spend time lazying and chilling there too. 

In Lavish Spa, we really did enjoy their food very much. As for breakfast, it was in buffet style where you can grab the food they cater here. For Lunch/Dinner, you can order unlimited base on their menu provided.

Drinks Corner.

Breakfast meal.

It was really quite fun to able to make our own waffles. Our first experience making own waffles. 

Our lunch meal of the day! Since is unlimited order until the last order, you wouldn't want to eat the meal with rice set. Instead, you can order base on the dish they have and have one rice set so that you can enjoy few dish together in 1 meal.

Lavish SPA is having a promotion for 6 hours rate. Should you come with 4 people and above, you can enjoy the facilities with only RM 48. Lavish spa opens 24 hours and business open for the whole year non-stop!!

The rate for Lavish Spa is RM 68 for 6 hours. For 24 hours, Ladies rate will be RM88 and Men will be RM108. (Spend at least of RM128).

Facilities as below:
Jacuzzi Spa
Sauna & Steam Room
Lounge & Theatre
Unlimited Food & Beverage
High Speed Internet
Pool Table
Rofttop Pool

Lavish Spa

Lot 5.02 & 5.06 level 5,
 Fahrenheit 88,J alan Bukit Bintang , 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

 +603- 2148 5888


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  1. I like the environment and it seem so comfortable. The price is affordable.

    1. It was a really comfortable place for chill and relax!

  2. wow! it seems very nice! :)


  3. Now this is worth the money for! Should keep an eye on this