Another favorite post of mine which is about lipstick! I was really honored and grateful that I get to try this 5 beautiful semi-matte first lipstick from G9Skin. All these semi-matte lipstick comes in really smooth and rich texture which definitely worth invest and try!

As per my previous post about liquid lipstick, this kind of bullet lipstick is still on my favorite list. When I first apply using this lipstick, I totally lost control on the application on my lips, haha! After few trials, I finally got back to pace and apply it like a pro! Because this First Lipstick from G9Skin is so easy to apply because of its smooth application on my lips.

There are total 5 trendy colors in this collection and each of colors has their own special vibes where you can easily pull through with any perfect makeup look you create! Packaging wise is really simple as it comes in a black sleek design of a lipstick. G9Skin is print on the packaging itself too.

The First Lipstick contains shea butter that keeps your lips moisturize and create impressive padding on the lips too. It makes the application so smooth and creamy at the same time.

Semi-Matte First Lipstick G9Skin

Color Option
#1 Midnight Red
#2 Dry Rose
#3 Dazzling Pink
#4 Peach Brown
#5 Vintage Red


01 Midnight Red
The vivid red you were looking for life.

Color under indoor fluorescence lighting. 

It's been a while since I try on Vivid Red lip color on me. It was a color of bold and stand out. It brings out the sexiness and boldness of you too. Red is always like the mature auntie color for me, but when I put this Midnight Red color on my lips I was surprised that I am able to pull through this color perfectly. Thinking to apply it on my friend's wedding coming this Saturday. Navy, White, and Red? YAY or NAY!

02 Dry Rose
Sophisticated and seductively dried rose

Color under indoor fluorescence lighting. 

Dried Rose color has been in trend lately, it was called as the MLBB (my lips but better) color for most Asian. Because of its pink and nudes hues which are suitable for Asian skin tone. My second favorite color of this review!! The color comes in a really balanced tone, gives a pink vibes and nudes vibes upon application. It just hard to not fall in love with this hues when you apply.

03 Dazzling Pink
A pink expresses bright face as if the light is on.

Color under indoor fluorescence lighting. 

Another new try on the lip colors that I never tried before. If you have known me well, it was really rare to see me in pink lips, haha! This Dazzling Pink will give a touch of your lips with a full makeup own. It excites and gives more vibrant to your whole look. I don't usually go for pink lip color was because of my skin tone that doesn't compliment the color a lot. But for someone who adores pink, this might be the call for you. Be Dazzling! Be Pink!

04 Peach Brown
Yellowish-pitch brown to give an atmospheric soft impression

Color under indoor fluorescence lighting. 

This Peach Brown color was a really special lip color, a slight yellowish and brownish lip color. It blends well with a simple go to school makeup look. Not my usual color I would choose, but if you want to achieve more nudes look. This Peach Brown color might be the color you need.

05 Vintage Red
Classic Brown Red

Color under indoor fluorescence lighting. 

This is my kind of MLBB Lip Color and the most favorite lip color in this series, Vintage Red!! When I first try on my lips, the boldness and the color application was totally me!! It gives immediate wow-ness after I apply because it makes my skin look fairer and I looks good even without full makeup on my face. Its enhance my dull and bare face as well!

My complete birthday makeup look with Vintage Red on ma lips! Even with a simple eyeliner or brow and foundation, after you apply this color on your lips. It's just changed the whole makeup look on your face. Love Love it even more!

Also, one thing I would like to highlight is their lip color does not feel sticky nor too dry upon apply! If you worry about Matte Lipstick that is too drying? Do gives this Semi-Matte First Lipstick a try!! The color stays vivid even after the meal too. 

Swatches of all these 5 color on my hand.

The Good
Creamy Texture
Vivid and Opac Color
Non-Sticky or Drying
Enhance complexion
Easy and Smooth Application
MLBB Color

The Bad
Easy Transfer

Would I repurchase?
Definitely a YES! I can't imagine my life without my favorite MLBB color. For those who are still finding that one MLBB color for your lips, remember to check out this Semi-Matte First Lipstick. And if you afraid of MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK that are giving you way drying texture on your lips! Remember to try out this Semi-Matte Lipstick too.

Where to buy?
Thanks again to G9Skin Malaysia for letting me try out this Semi-Matte First Lipstick. Do check out all their social media below for more info and updates.


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  1. Babe, you look so pretty on midnight red! <3


  2. Gosh, I am in love with all these shades. However, I think the most beautiful is Dazzling Pink. I simply love pink!

    1. Really! That's one of a dazzling color you play with!

  3. The vintage red is my favourite color. The bright red give a strong personality.

  4. Oh wow.. these lippies are to die for.. love the shades.. and am wishing hard for one or two or better still all of them

  5. Great post! Red lipstick is both classic and sexy. My favorite color has to be Midnight Red. The color is so pretty and it looks so good on you.

  6. lovely lipsticks. all the colors is so pretty

  7. Among the the 5 colors my pick is the Vintage Red.

  8. i love the peach brown colour!!Can match with my skin colour!!hehe

  9. wow you are so lucky to receive a whole set! would love to try them out too~ such pigmented colours!!!! <3 Joysofyz

  10. The dazzling pink is my favorite! It look so pretty 💕

  11. I like the peach brown and brown red. These shades look so pretty.

  12. I read so many good reviews about this product, plan to give it a try as well :)

  13. Oooo I love them all!! The peach brown for daily wear and the reds are so nice and pigmented!!

  14. I can't imagine a single day without lipstick. After reading your article it gets so strong. and all of picture looks awesome by using Liquid Matte Lipstick.