Time for some skincare post on my blog! Today will blog about this new skincare product I been using before my makeup, that is this white in whipping cream from G9Skin. I admit that I always fond on those Korean Actresses who have a really fair and flawless skin. 

This time round I have the chance to try this whitening cream to enhance my skin tone to more brightening and healthy fair skin. Read on to know how this cream has helped to enhance my skin tone

The White in Whipping Cream comes in a really cute packaging which is the milk packet, makes me miss milk as my daily intake.

Inside packaging is mainly just in white + pink color. This color combination is just too cute to resist. Design wise is really simple and clean design if you love minimal and pastel packaging you will definitely fell in love with their white in cream series. Read on to know where you can scroll for more cute packaging in white and pink too. 

Texture wise is so creamy and thick!!! It was just like the whip cream texture on my hand. This white in whipping cream does not have any heavy scent upon application.

This white in whipping cream is act as tone up cream for moisturized and porcelain skin. It contains 9 whitening ingredients including glutathione, niacinamide and vitamin complex that care for your skin imperfections and skin tone from the inside out.

It has this soft whipping cream texture. Their water-drop formulation is rich with moisture and has a soft texture and a long lasting effect. It definitely feels like applying real whipping cream and does not stick or rub off!

With it's 9 moisturizing and soothing ingredients, including milk protein extract and vitamin E create smooth and moist photoshopped skin!

Here's the recipe of the white in whipping cream that you should know.

I always use it as the last few steps of my skincare routine. You can see that it was slightly patchy on top on your skin care. I was really panic because when I first use it at it owns it spread easily and evenly on my face.

If you also encounter the patchy form upon applying, don't worry because as you massage all around your face the cream is eventually all absorbed into your skin. It gives a moisture and protective layer on your skin too

Here's my before and after skin application of this White in Whipping Cream. I was surprised by its effect on my skin. One thing I must compliment is, this white in whipping cream doesn't give you the vampire white face after applying too. Instead, it gives a really natural white glow on your skin which I really like.

I did show some live demonstration on my insta story too. Not too obvious but fair enough, I notice my skin has become fair and glowy.

Time to apply on my another side of my face too. The texture is creamy and easy to spread. Best to use it as the last few steps of your skin care to prevent any flaky or dryness on your skin after few hours.

I really how the cream reflects on my skin, I can feel my skin more glowy, fair and moisturize too. Overall it was a good toning white cream to use.

The Good
Cute Packaging
Minimal Design
Minimal Scent
Instant Tone Up
Absorbs Quickly
Non Sticky
Soft whipping cream texture
Whitening, Anti-Aging, and Hydration
A good makeup base

The Bad
Not recommend using on it own
Tends to be dry and oily over time with makeup on

Would I repurchase?
I would want to try it out longer to test out whether my complexion before glowy and fairer day by day. I have been using it as my makeup base and I've been loving the effect of it. I would want to try out more G9Skin products in the future too.

Helpful Tip
Remember to prep your skin with your skincare products before applying white in whipping cream. So that it won't be dry and flaky after hours of using it with makeup on.

Where to buy?
Thanks again to G9Skin Malaysia for letting me try out this white in whipping cream. Do check out all their social media below for more info and updates.


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  1. Wow the result is really prominent!

  2. I never get to try malaysian beauty products. This looks promising i wish i can try this someday

    1. Is from Korean!! Go and search for it online =)

  3. Haha really like applying whipping cream on face. Also, it is true that this does not give a vampire white effect, luckily. Keen to read an update from you later on.

    1. Yes!! It doesn't!! Makes my skin look so natural too =)

  4. This is really cool! I love creams that have that whipped texture, they go on so smoothly. Looks like you can see the difference right away in your pics!

  5. Love the packaging.. reminds me of milk carton and it looks great on you...

  6. Interesting product. Maybe I should check this out if I get sunburnt with uneven skin tone...haha..

  7. Wow I can certainly see the difference between before and after! Shame it doesn't feel so great with make up on though.

    1. It definitely shine through with the product itself!

  8. I saw this too in Althea Korea. I should also order this and have a try :) you are blooming!

  9. Wow, it seems like effective to your skin. Good product ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. I saw some of the blog about G9Skin and it seems a good products. I want try their lipstick as the shade is nice.

    1. Yes yes! It was soo good dear!! Shades are so beautiful too!

  11. I have not tried this brand before. Looks good and works for you.

  12. The texture looks really smooth and I love how we instantly gets a fairer, glowing skin.

  13. some of my friends complaining how darker my skin gets. think should try it out

  14. I tried it too, like the brightening effect and soft texture.

  15. wow quite obvious! it's like the MKUP that i'm using now! absorb real quick and instant whitening~

  16. Whoaa. It does looks like whipping cream. Do we need to clean our face after it dries?