Hi guys, finally I manage to sort out some time to work on my wedding post on my blog. Today post will be more on the recap of my church and dining hall decor that I have designed and do it myself. A wedding planning is definitely not easy as I thought it was, the energy and time you work on will be very exhausting.

Talk about while we are close to the date, both of us are slacking, tired and stress on what is still left for prepared. Since I take a whole week off before my wedding date, staying at home can be stressful because you might be getting anxious and stress out while doing nothing at home. 

I am glad we made to the day itself, can't really wish or wanted for more. This whole wedding might not be the perfect wedding I want, but at least in my heart, it holds a great meaning and journey for me in the future.

Our church we choose it was a really traditional church in Jalan Abdul Samad at Brickfields - Zion Cathedral Lutheran Church. It was my hubby wish to get married in a traditional church wedding and we manage to find out this Zion Cathedral which is in the traditional design and walkway that we wanted.

Since the interior decor wise itself was really pretty enough, we decide to go for a simple decor by hanging the flower at the church bench and a reception table in front of the church. We manage to visit and look for artificial flowers wholesale at Seri Kembangan. We manage to get all the hanging flowers here at Wh Floral Trading, not only they are selling artificial flowers but any decor related to the wedding. You can find it here too. 

Cost Spending RM 300++

9, Jalan Perusahaan 3, 
Taman Perindustrian Selesa Jaya, 
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor


Our Wedding Car was done beautifully by my hubby brother and his wife! Thanks so much on this and here are some of the details of the decor. 

Church Reception Table Decor

A really simple white Receptionist Table full of love!! We made the correct choice of renting tables and tables clothes together with our catering. Everything is perfect in place and I definitely didn't spend a huge penny on this.

Photo Frames | Daiso/ Kaison
Welcome/Agenda | Self Print
Flag | Taobao
Heart Shape Confetti | Taobao
Guest Book/Wedding Book | Pixajoy (Online Printing Service)
Photo Prints | Photobook (Online Printing Service)

Outside the hall, we did set up a decor table as well. It will basically just fill and decor with more of our photos and photos!

J&S | Typo
Wooden Photo Frame | Own
Photo Prints | Photobook (Online Printing Service)
Just Married | Taobao

Another part of our main decor is basically in the dining hall. As I mentioned earlier, in the church itself the interior was already very traditional and pretty on it owns. But for dining hall wise, it will require a lot of setup and decor. 

Our main desserts table setup as the image above. Sorry for the poor image resolution as this was taken by phone. But overall this is how my desserts table looks like. If only there's light on stage, and I would think that with brighter light everything looks just dreamy and perfect here.

Serious Cutting Cake Ceremony.

I simply just love the desserts that I have ordered! Although I didn't eat any of the desserts, except for cupcakes and the pop ball and it tasted so yummy and nice. The desserts look so dreamy together though in the desserts table.

Wedding Cakes and Pop Ball | Tinybaker.my
Cupcakes | Eatmeyummy
Funny Face | Taobao


My guest table decor for coming guest. I especially love the decor setup here so much! Each of the tables is decor with a lovely DIY Lavender stand with Table No. We do not set a specified table no seat for relatives or friends. But the main decor with a candle and purple clothes will be for seating for main family and brides and groom.

Since I have to spend a long time in taking photos with my friends and also we take a series of wedding photos around the church with the photographer as well (will do a separate post). We did not eat a lot that day also which kinda sad because I heard that the food serving was really good. Is just that I don't get it when they clean up quite early than I expected. lel

Plastic Bottle | Taobao
Lace Ribbon/ Ribbon | Art Shop/ Taobao
Table No. Sticker | Taobao
Fake Lavender Flower | Kaison
Salt | Supermarket
Lavender Tea | 11Street

Heart Shape Confetti | Taobao

Thanks again to my bride maids and bridegroom team that are here on our big day! 

For the maxi convertible dress that I buy for my bride maids has been out of stock in Taobao. The price was below RM30 and quality wise I would say is above average. My bridesmaids look so pretty and amazing on it. As for my brides of honor, I got her a mini dress in dark purple color. 

Bridesmaids Dress | Taobao
Brides of Honor | Tuesday Couture

Purple Tie and Handkerchief set | Taobao
Purple Bow Tie | Taobao

My makeup artist of the day! When I first saw her, she looks so pretty and petite in real life. Talking about her passion and service was definitely top notch and professional. I definitely love her friendly and professional service she provides. Do check her out on her Facebook page for more details!


Not forget my photographer and videographer of the day. Without them, I can never have a fun and memorable memory to keep.

Steven Goh

Oh ya, I forget to mention that my wedding theme was Purple and White. I bet you can see it while scrolling my decor photos. It was both our favorite color. Since I am a bit OCD right, I always prefer to have everything in sync. But I know sometimes it was hard to get things align and arrange to what we want or like. But everything eventually will come and set to the perfect ending. 

A piece of advice from me by DIY your own wedding is to don't get everything last minute like I do, an example for the photo book and extra ribbons and plastic bottles from Taobao that both required estimation of shipping time. Luckily we manage to receive everything before the wedding day itself.

That's all for my own wedding decor updates. Lastly, I want to send over lots of love to the people who help and assist me. Family members and Friends that are showing continuous support and help on my Wedding Day! And to all who came to my wedding day, I want to say BIG Thank You for come, gives us blessing and more importantly witness the important moment of my life. I never am thankful and grateful enough! 

To my husband which has been so supportive during the wedding preparation. He gave full support and assist me in completing the things that I want to do. Thank you, hubby!

Stay tuned for my updates on my upcoming - What I wear on my BIG DAY.

Love you ols 

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  1. Both of you look lovely! And the decor, especially the dessert table, that's my dream decor! So much purple and so pretty! Congrats to you and your husband! x

  2. Congratulation to your wedding again, babe <3
    You look so pretty on your wedding gown too ^^
    May you and your hubby stay happy and sweet everyday :)


  3. Congratulation on your Wedding!! you had a wonderful wedding, and i love your decoration because your theme color was Purple, which is my favorite color(my chinese name also has a word of Purple 紫)you are very good in decoration my dear!! Well done, once again, Congratulation to lovely couple!!

  4. Very beautiful decoration!!.. I love it.