Here's my post about the party bag that I got from the 4th Birthday Party with The Butterfly Project community. We got way so many products in this Birthday Party! I can't wait to share all the goodies we got from the BAG!!

I want to do a shout out on our bag which is design by our Mamasan, Tammy Lim! Definitely in love with the totes, hands up for those who love totes too. In this post, I will share the makeup products that I got from the Party Bag! 


Unicorn Face Makeup Brush RM 89

All of the unicorn brushes each have their own unique color brushes, from pink to purple pastel and mix color I simply just love each of every brush from Wanderlust Things.

If you have been reading my previous post on my Face of the Month - June Favorite Look, I have introduced and try on these beautiful unicorn brushes on the post. Read here if you still haven't!

Wanderlust Things

W-Lab Pocket Shadow Palette-Blooming RM90

Next up is this gorgeous coral spring shades of W-Lab Pocket Shadow Palette-Blooming! I have been interested in trying W-Lab Eye Shadow palette.

In their palette, they come with a 2-way eyeshadow brush which is really convenient to use. One side is the normal eyeshadow brush you would use for applying eyeshadow. Another pointy angle brush is for a more defined area of application.

Color swatches on my hand. Each of the color outcomes is so pigmented and pretty. I did not apply any foundation or makeup base on my hand. But as you can see, the bling colors are really stand out and it just pops out the blingness of the color! As for the matte color wise, which is slightly lighter and faded.

If you want to see how I create my makeup look using this W-Lab Pocket Shadow Palette-Blooming, simply just click here to see the color transition on my eyes and the look that I create with this beautiful palette.


1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara 8ml RM 59.90

Time for some mascara, it's 1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara! I had heard so many great reviews about this products and haven't got the chance to try it. It claims to be completely waterproof and tear-proof too! It gives magnifier volume of your mascara upon application. Would definitely try out for my next makeup routine.

Feeling bored of the normal mascara brush shape that makes it difficult to apply all over on your eyelashes?

Fret not! As this mascara comes in a cone-shaped brush for more easy application on your eyelashes. Simply just apply cone-shaped brush sweeping from root to the tip of lashes. Repeat brushing on to achieve the desired lash look. After the initial application, use the tip to precisely extend target areas to create flawless eye makeup look.

You can find 1028 Virtual Therapy products from any Watson outlet! Check out here for more info.

1028 Virtual Therapy

Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner 4ml RM 39

The Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner 4ml comes in No.1 Black. When I mean it black means it was really thick black eyeliner, it was perfect for any eyeliner look too. It claims to be easily dried and long lasting too.

I never used this kind of eyeliner before hand because I am not really good in holding this cover cap while drawing my eyeliner on my eyelid. It tends to become thicker line than my usual makeup. If you decide to go way thick or a cat wing-eyed look, this might be a good tool for you. However, if you want to go for a daily and simple look, it might hard for you to control the application if you don't get used to it.

One good news is you can get Mamonde Malaysia products now from 11 Street!

Mamonde Malaysia

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black RM 69.90

Here's come Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black, loves it super vintage and classic design of the packaging itself.  This eyeliner also contains beauty essence such as Swertia japonica extract, panthenol and hyaluronic acid for skin nourishment. Besides that, silk extract can be found in this eyeliner too!

Tear Proof and Smudge Proof! Just cry all you want because this easy-to-use, quicky-dry, waterproof eyeliner is resistance to sweat, water, tears, and sebum.


Application of 1028 Big Magnifier Mascara, Mamonde Long Lasting Eyeliner, and Dolly Wink Eyeliner. Swatches for all of the products are really pretty which I can't deny. 

I especially love how black the Mamonde Long Lasting Eyeliner upon swatches!! I definitely won't be mind on it shapes but if I ever trying the cat-eyed look, I will look for Mamonde Long Lasting Eyeliner. 

As for Dolly Wink Eyeliner, the swatches was rather light and not in black opac color. I think it was because it needs more shake and usage so that the color will be more black and obvious.

Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick RM 39 Each

Another product I would definitely recommend is products with these 4 beautiful halal, vegan and cruelty-free Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick from Orkid Cosmetics. Each of the colors is just drop dead gorgeous!! I have done a separate post for their Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick here

Orkid Cosmetics

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  1. Ahh the orkid shades. I LOVE ALL OF IT ON YOU! Love your write up babe :*

    1. Thanks babe!! ME TOO!! LOVE MATTE Lipstick haha!!

  2. Your pictures all so prettyyyyy! Love your blog layout as well <3 <3 <3

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  6. You know what - I became make up shopping crazy after that party - I have bought so many make up items from Althea ever since. Everything is so cheap and beautiful!

  7. Wow Tammy's Butterfly project is really happening and I love your goodies. I can't get over with your unicorn makeup brush. I haven't seeen it here in Manila. So unique!

  8. The Unicorn brush not only unique, but the brush really soft. One of the star product to me is the eyeshadow palette. Fall in love with it.

  9. The Dolly wink eye liner is one of my favourite. Turnt color look good on you.

  10. Oh gosh, such a generous door gift. Don't I wish I have some of these items as well, such as the unicorn brush!

    1. Check out the link to see where you can own these!!

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  15. Fall in love with unicorn face makeup brush and the shadow palette is too pretty :D

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